Skoda Business Review and Strategy Analysis 2015 was the year for the company, Revenue, Profit, Production, Top Markets, Model wise analysis

Skoda region wise Market share

Skoda Global Car Production 2015

Skoda Business review and Strategy analysis is detail report of Skoda Auto Company. Skoda has launched 9 new models across the world in 2015. Starting production of Skoda superb was the one of the largest project of the company in 2015. China which is largest market for the company, started production of Skoda Fabia and updated version Skoda Superb in Nanjing plant.

India is also Strategic country for the company and production of Skoda Superb started in its Aurangabad plant in Dec 2015. Rapid is going to produce in its Pune plant.

Currently Skoda Auto is working on 2025 strategy. Company is focusing on Connected car, Digitization and Electromobility. 

China, Germany, Czeck Republic,UK and Russia are top five largest markets for the company.

Skoda Global Sales Profit and Revenue analysis


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Daimler Business Review 2015 Mercedes Benz Car, Daimler Truck, Daimler Bus, Daimler Van, Revenue, Sales & R&D expenses

Daimler Business review Report 2015

Ashok Leyland Business Review Ashok Leyland Detail Analysis Report

Ashok Leyland Business Review

Ashok Leyland is the second largest truck manufacturer in India. Its Business strategy gradually started to enter into LCV and SCV segment. This strategy help company to gain market share. Company is having strong grip in Bus segment. The main area where company needs to improves are introduce vehicles for heavy application and premium bus segment.Along this company needs to implement new dealer strategy, improve after sales product performance of U Truck also.

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Bosch Business review and cost saving analysis

Bosch logo

The Bosch Group is a leading and one of the largest global supplier of technology and services.Its revenue was 49 billion Euros in 2014. Out of this, it spent 5 billion Euro in R&D which comes around 5% of its revenue. Its Business operations are categorized into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. Recently it started to improve its non automotive business which will reduce its dependency on this business and focus on retail sales also of Home Appliances. Last year company company bought 100% stake from Bosch BSH JV. Company is known for innovations and new technology development. It play important role in Hybrid vehicle, Common rail injection system and other safety system. Bosch engine technology reduced fuel consumption around 15% for commercial vehicle. 

Bosch financial analysisThere is impressive increase of company's profit in 2014 compare to 2013. Capital expenditure did not noted change since 2000. R&D expenditure which is back bone of company has increased from 3,810 to 4,959 Euro.

There is strong cost saving in Bosch Stuttgart, Germany. All corporate can follow such cost cutting policy of Bosch and could save good amount every year. Here are some example of Business practice of Bosch Head office, Stuttagart, Germany:

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Volvo group business strategy Brand and Product Position, Global sales and Market Share, Product Strategy, Technology, Truck, Bus, CE

Volvo Brand wise share

Volvo Group Business Strategy is detail study of its all business vertical. Volvo is having strong brand position as a premium brand. It reflects quality products in the area of Automotive and transports solution. Volvo was only in Premium segment but to make its presence in another segment specially in budget segment, it started to acquire or alliances to capture the mass market in emerging countries also. UD, Renault became part of Volvo Truck and car business has been sold to Ford to concentrate in Commercial Vehicle business. Volvo started its operation in India as a 100% subsidiary of Volvo AB. Later on, it realized to the presence in the mass market of the country and have JV with Eicher Motors. Recently it sold its Eicher stake and make 2.4 Billion SEK.The company is having a strong hold in Light & Medium duty truck market. Company is planning to enter into Small Commercial Vehicle segment also and improving its performance in heavy-duty truck segment. In China it alliance with Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and formed new company DFCV. Volvo acquires 45% stake in Dongfeng CV. The deal consideration amounted to RMB 5.5 billion. The Company is having a strong hold in Heavy and Medium duty truck segment in the Chinese market. It sold 62,788 units from Jan to July 2015. Chinese truck market is the largest market in the world with around 800,000 of Heavy duty segment units and Medium duty truck around 300,000 units in 2014. Recently market correction has been started which will impact on its outlook.

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MAN Scania and Volkswagen merger Business review Global Impact analysis of merger, Sales, Profit, Market Share, Brand and Product position

MAN Scania VW merger concept

Some major changes were expected to be seen after the merger of VW- CV business and MAN and Scania, but it could not leave an impact as expected. MAN-Scania and Volkswagen merger business review is our latest ACG Business Review analysis series.

Today we are analyzing five major parameters of this merger-

  • Brand perception
  • Product position
  • Technology
  • Market share or sales
  • Intercultural management

Due to the complexity of the Truck and Bus business, it needs to continuously focus on its core. To compete with Daimler and Volvo, VW created this merger concept by putting together businesses of same nature to get better results. As a part of VW strategy, first Volkswagen Latin America became part of MAN SE business unit and then VW increased majority stake in Scania. MAN is mainly focusing on saving some cost in purchasing and R&D. There should be some effective coordination between MAN and Scania in the area of Sales and product concept too. Parts and platform should be common for all three product base. VW, MAN, and Scania should redefine their strategy map to get better results through this cooperation.

Volvo is reducing the cost to increase its profit by putting multiple efforts in production and organization structure. Its production cost also needs to be managed effectively. Daimler is focusing on synergy among all brands to reduce cost. MAN, Scania and VW CV expected to reduce cost by merging of entities.

Scania has a strong hold in Tractor segment, MAN has a strong grip on Off road and On road applications and Volkswagen Commercial vehicles are proven products in LCV and Medium segment. MAN introduced heavy horse power products for the Latin American market to fill the gap. 


Global Product Position:

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Paccar Business Review Analysis DAF, Paccar Truck sales, Market share, Entry Strategy for emerging countries

Paccar Strategy Analysis report

Paccar group has an excellent product portfolio and premium brand DAF. The world truck market has a lot of potential in Asia like China, India but it is not present as an OEM in these markets. Paccar is not present in some good markets and this can be looked upon as an opportunity for growth. DAF is one of the top players in the Western European market for trucks whose weight is more than 15TGVW. Also, DAF is in the leading position In Tractor Trailer segment. Its market share (16T+) in Europe declined sharply, however in USA & Canada (Class 8)it gained market share in 2014. Paccar sales increased in 2014 to 142,900 units compared to 137,100 units in 2013. DAF is a great company with history and a great asset to PACCAR. 2010 was a historical year for DAF.  The 2010 year was excellent, and in overall heavy duty trucks (over 15T GVW) it was number 2 in Western Europe in sales, over MAN and Volvo.  In the tractor-trailer market segment, DAF was number one.

According to the following graph, PACCAR stands fifth in the world’s truck production in 2014. Its nearest competitors are Dongfeng and VW Group.

Global Truck Production

DAF is the premium brand of Paccar group. It is successful in Europe, especially in Tractor segment. The vehicles are available in Euro 6 for optimal vehicle application. There is a combination of ideal speed, gear ratio, GPS and Transport efficiency technology for an optimal solution.

The vehicle rating is high in quality, performance, and suitability for the application. The main drawback of the brand is, it cannot penetrate outside Europe in spite of being a good vehicle. However recently DAF has entered other markets outside the EU like Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Jordan and Nigeria city distribution for long distance road transport with more than 1,000 global dealer’s network. The company is going to invest in Belgium for a cab plant. DAF has also received many awards in different categories.

Parent company DAF has given best Return of investment.

Paccar group overview

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Maruti Suzuki Business & Strategy Review Analysis Included S-CROSS and NEXA Business Analysis

Maruti suzuki Business review and strategy

Maruti Suzuki Business Review is our exclusive report with in-depth analysis. Normally New model launches result in a spike in a company's market share in the overall Industry. New Model launch can be divided into two part, one is in the same segment and other is in the new segment. If it is in the upgraded segment (low to high), there are only a few cases where customers changed positively brand perception from low segment to Premium segment. But the probability is more in vice versa cases.

Understandably so, as the novelty factor results in a brief demand surge. The size of the quantum of market share change also depends on what segment/category the new model has been launched in. For example, the uptick in market share for Maruti when it launched the Swift and CIAZ. We have noticed that before launching and after 1 year of the time the excitement has disappeared. Maruti is entering into a new segment with new model along with new sales channel pan India. It is high-risk strategy to implement new, Product, New Segment & with new dealer set up at a time. The company has tried a couple of times to enter into premium segment but it could not penetrate. In the Global auto world, Brand perception does not change easily. There were a lot of experiment done with Maruti 800 product brand but it ends with the extended life cycle. On the other hand, Maruti ZEN which was also company’s flagship model in Mid Segment, its product life cycle ended before its natural time span due to re-launch of product.

Company cost reduction plays an important role to keep its high profit in FY Q1, the growth of 56.5% compares to last year. Other expenses like Promotion, Exchange rate, and high sales volume also support to make it more profitable.

A company’s overall market share is also impacted by new model launches by Foreign & Indian competitors. Maruti, one time with a ~100% share of the van market, saw its share fall to ~50% in 2011-12, once again company kept its strong position with increasing its market share from 53% to 75% market share. Tata Motors and M&M introduced their van type models based on LCV platforms (Gio & Maximo for M&M; Ace for Tata Motors).

In FY 15, Maruti gained around 2% market share in the car segment. In UV segment also it gained around 0.70% market share. IIFA award Maruti has introduced its S-CROSS model. Company target to sell 20 lakhs vehicle. S-CROSS look attractive but its interior need to update to match premium class products.

The Maruti Suzuki was known as a common man car. Brand Maruti Suzuki consider for Small and economy car segment. Between 2 to 7 lakhs is a price bracket for Maruti Suzuki brand. S-CROSS over is launching by brand Suzuki. It is interesting to see whether customers are considered Suzuki as a Premium brand or not. In Germany, Volkswagen is also known as an economy car and customers preference another brand like Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Porsche as a premium brand at the time of purchase.

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Bajaj Auto Business Review

Bajaj Auto Business Review report 2015

Bajaj Auto is the one of the major player in Bike and Three wheeler passenger vehicle segment. One time Bajaj was the market leader in the scooter segment. Bajaj Pulsar, Discover are major products in its product portfolio or only two major product brand which drive Bajaj Two-wheeler segment.  In Commercial vehicle segment, a company could not penetrate its CV range. Piaggio is still dominating the segment due to various reasons. 

Bajaj Business review and analysis

In FY 2015, Bajaj Auto two wheeler market share come down from 14% to 11%. Market share jumped from 39% to 44% in Three wheeler passenger segment. The company is playing by different permutation and combination of Pulsar and Discover brands. Currently, it diverted its key identity of this two product range.

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Daimler Business Review & Strategy Analysis Daimler New Brand concept would be Game Changer for Global car Industry

Daimler product Strategy

The Premium Daimler Car brands like Maybach and AMG have a small market in India and other price sensitive markets. Daimler would launch new economy brand to target mass market like BharatBenz Truck for emerging markets. This new brand car has a huge market in Emerging markets including China, India, Europe. New brand or other important markets will target mass market and give direct competition to Toyota and Volkswagen. The company could consider in its Daimler Strategy 2020.

There is a considerably big market for BharatBenz Trucks and a small market for Mercedes-Benz Trucks in India and other price sensitive markets. The market size is medium for Freightliner Trucks and Western star Trucks in NAFTA region.  Also, the market size is medium for Fuso in Japan and some Asian countries.

The market size is slightly big for Bharatbenz buses and very small for Mercedes-Benz buses in India and other price sensitive markets. Setra buses have a medium to small market size in India and other price sensitive markets.

Daimler Brand position and Strategy

The Daimler Group, on the whole, has performed better in 2014 than in 2013. This growth can be seen in Mercedes-Benz cars, Daimler Trucks, Mercedes-Benz vans, Daimler Buses and Daimler Financial Services.

The new car brand will increase the revenue and profit by more than double of what it is present. This will make it the number one brand globally.

Top players like Volkswagen, GM, Ford, Toyota are the presence in the Economy segment also. If Daimler launches its new car brand which targets Economy segment, its revenue and profit would increase more than double. The new brand would be suitable not only for emerging countries like China, India. Asian, or some other emerging countries but also the game changer in central Europe, Western Europe, and NAFTA region. By launching this new brand, a company would have the largest segment. Toyota and Volkswagen would be the direct competitor of this brand. It would be the biggest project for Mr. Dieter Zetsche and Game Changer project for Daimler and Global car market. Even we have done primary survey also to know people opinion about new Daimler brand, more than 80% are ready to consider for their portfolio.

Daimler Strategy analysis

 Daimler needs economy Brand due to following challenges:

  • Electric/Hybrid cars
  • Small cars segment
  • Meet new European emission standard
  • Tough competition from BMW, Audi & JLR in premium segment
  • Make stronger after sales support
  • Mercedes is the only Daimler Brand which is having strong grip on Global markets
  • Daimler's other brands are limited in specific region

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