Clutch Plate Technology Type of clutch plates, Functions, Principles, Advantages, Components of clutch plates

Clutch plate technology

The most important components of a clutch are:

Clutch plate Technology report

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BRICs Automotive Market and Trend Analysis Passenger Car and Commercial vehicle market report of last 10 years trend, China, Brazil, Russia and India

BRIC market trend analysis

BRICs Automotive market report from 2005 to 2015

In BRICs countries and within BRICs except China; India, Brazil and Russia lost their market share in 2015 compare to 2005. Russia, Brazil and India respectively lost 12%, 8%, 3% market share. China gained 23% market share among BRIC countries. Russia and Brazil lost drastically their grip in Auto industry.

BRICs countries Automobile Industry Market share analysis 2015

BRIC country market share:

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Indian Automobile Industry outpaces its peers among BRICs countries BRICs Automobile Industry Analysis and its future trend

BRICs auto industry Analysis Report

Quite a long time ago a large portion of the automobile organizations' board rooms used to end up discussing just about the BRICs markets. The Indian Automobile Industry has outpaced its companions among BRICs nations in Q2 2015 and is relied upon to keep on doing as such in 2016 as well. Numerous key branches of the Global Automotive Industry were taking a shot at how to enter and make successful systems to fight out in the BRICs market.

Brazil China India and Russia Automobile Industry

China and India are two of the greatest and ruling markets. Its impact on the Global Automobile Industry is colossal. Albeit, as of late Chinese economy and Automobile Industry has wound up giving some negative sentiments to the market. Then again the Indian economy and its Industry demonstrated some positive sentiments and standpoint.  Today the People's Bank of China pronounced to decrease its loan costs by 25 premise focuses furthermore guaranteed a half-rate cut in the reserve requirement ratio (RRR) to bolster its economy pointers and to at last pick up market sentiments.  As of late, China, Russia and Brazil have all enlisted negative development in the Car, Heavy Commercial vehicle, Light Commercial Vehicle/Busses and Coaches segment. In Commercial Vehicle Production Russia is definitely influenced by a 44% drop , though Brazil and China drooped 28% and 14% individually.

BRICs commercial vehicle production forecastThen again, India wound up enlisting an imperative development of 5%. We have seen a comparable pattern as to the Car, Bus, Heavy Duty Truck and Bus segments. Alongside the ebb and flow pattern, we have additionally broken down the market viewpoint of every nation and have investigated every possibility in covering the accompanying focuses in our most recent analysis.  The expected recuperation in long/Medium and Short term.  Is China confronting a market amendment or will it breakdown? How will the Russian market develop and overcome current political turbulence? Key issues in Brazilian markets and the late endeavors at reestablishing itself. Innovation, Exchange rates, Dynamic Buyer Behavior, After Sales Issues, Pricing, Per Capita Income, Employment, New Product Launches, Product Life Cycle, Product Age, Re Sales Value, GDP, Disposable Income, Duty, and Product Position are a good bunch of parameters which assume a huge part in providing guidance to the BRICs automobile Industry.

Car Production:

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Future of Chinese Automotive Industry in India Complete Strategy analysis on Entry strategy for Indian Auto Market

Chinese Auto Industry

Chinese Automotive Industry is the biggest business on the planet. However Chinese vehicles are shockingly truant in the Car, Truck, Bus and bike fragments and in the Indian Auto market. We have examined the key issues encompassing Chinese Automotive Industry and recommended answers for being fruitful in the Indian market. The Recent stomp in the Chinese Auto Industry and the uplifting standpoint of the Indian economy could bring Chinese Auto makers into the Indian Auto market. We have finished an inside-out examination on the conceivable outcomes and difficulties Chinese Auto manufacturers may confront while infiltrating the Indian market. Society, dialect, Business structure, Segment, Product position, Pricing, Branding are some of the areas we have secured in our second release of the report.

Chinese Auto Industry Strategy for India

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Volvo group business strategy Brand and Product Position, Global sales and Market Share, Product Strategy, Technology, Truck, Bus, CE

Volvo Brand wise share

Volvo Group Business Strategy is detail study of its all business vertical. Volvo is having strong brand position as a premium brand. It reflects quality products in the area of Automotive and transports solution. Volvo was only in Premium segment but to make its presence in another segment specially in budget segment, it started to acquire or alliances to capture the mass market in emerging countries also. UD, Renault became part of Volvo Truck and car business has been sold to Ford to concentrate in Commercial Vehicle business. Volvo started its operation in India as a 100% subsidiary of Volvo AB. Later on, it realized to the presence in the mass market of the country and have JV with Eicher Motors. Recently it sold its Eicher stake and make 2.4 Billion SEK.The company is having a strong hold in Light & Medium duty truck market. Company is planning to enter into Small Commercial Vehicle segment also and improving its performance in heavy-duty truck segment. In China it alliance with Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and formed new company DFCV. Volvo acquires 45% stake in Dongfeng CV. The deal consideration amounted to RMB 5.5 billion. The Company is having a strong hold in Heavy and Medium duty truck segment in the Chinese market. It sold 62,788 units from Jan to July 2015. Chinese truck market is the largest market in the world with around 800,000 of Heavy duty segment units and Medium duty truck around 300,000 units in 2014. Recently market correction has been started which will impact on its outlook.

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MAN Scania and Volkswagen merger Business review Global Impact analysis of merger, Sales, Profit, Market Share, Brand and Product position

MAN Scania VW merger concept

Some major changes were expected to be seen after the merger of VW- CV business and MAN and Scania, but it could not leave an impact as expected. MAN-Scania and Volkswagen merger business review is our latest ACG Business Review analysis series.

Today we are analyzing five major parameters of this merger-

  • Brand perception
  • Product position
  • Technology
  • Market share or sales
  • Intercultural management

Due to the complexity of the Truck and Bus business, it needs to continuously focus on its core. To compete with Daimler and Volvo, VW created this merger concept by putting together businesses of same nature to get better results. As a part of VW strategy, first Volkswagen Latin America became part of MAN SE business unit and then VW increased majority stake in Scania. MAN is mainly focusing on saving some cost in purchasing and R&D. There should be some effective coordination between MAN and Scania in the area of Sales and product concept too. Parts and platform should be common for all three product base. VW, MAN, and Scania should redefine their strategy map to get better results through this cooperation.

Volvo is reducing the cost to increase its profit by putting multiple efforts in production and organization structure. Its production cost also needs to be managed effectively. Daimler is focusing on synergy among all brands to reduce cost. MAN, Scania and VW CV expected to reduce cost by merging of entities.

Scania has a strong hold in Tractor segment, MAN has a strong grip on Off road and On road applications and Volkswagen Commercial vehicles are proven products in LCV and Medium segment. MAN introduced heavy horse power products for the Latin American market to fill the gap. 


Global Product Position:

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State wise Indian Tipper Market Analysis and Forecast Market Size, Trend, Applications, Sales, Product Portfolio, Price

Tipper market research report

State wise Indian Tipper market analysis and forecast report give the INSight analysis of every Indian state. Indian Tipper Market changes its nature as it moves from one state to another state. Every state is having different drivers and applications. OEM Market leading position depends on their product portfolio and few other factors. In our detail Tipper Market, we have covered State wise Tipper Market size, Outlook, Applications, Drivers, After Sales Network & Support. 8X4, 31T GVW tipper are successful in Gujarat due to its market & application suitability but a state like Kerala are not the attractive market for this heavy vehicle.

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State wise Indian Tipper market Sales Report

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Global Hybrid Commercial Vehicle Analysis Product Price, Market size, Market forecast, sales analysis Brand and Model wise, OEM strategy

Hybrid commercial vehicle report

Hybrid Commercial Vehicle Analysis is the latest report on Product, Markets, Sales, OEMs Strategies etc. Hybrids are a popular choice in the passenger car industry. Recently, truck and bus manufacturers have also started working on hybrids; these are the first of their kind in the market. The leading e-mobility bus markets are China and North America. Europe hybrid bus market is slightly behind but growing. Emerging countries are also beginning to manufacture hybrid and electric buses (e.g. Brazil, India and Russia).China is therefore the biggest market for electric buses currently and is expected to continue to grow strongly. Moreover, Chinese manufactures have started entering European and international markets in order to establish their brands.

In United States and China, the OEM is setting a new focus on gas fuelled trucks with CNG and LNG at the moment.  Almost all players predict that hybridization will, in the long run, prevail in all segments. Throwing light on last year’s reports shows that duty distribution trucks have been strongly promoted as the most feasible segment. 

Hybrid commercial vehicle report

Truck and Bus manufacturer’s strategies ​Analysis:

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Paccar Business Review Analysis DAF, Paccar Truck sales, Market share, Entry Strategy for emerging countries

Paccar Strategy Analysis report

Paccar group has an excellent product portfolio and premium brand DAF. The world truck market has a lot of potential in Asia like China, India but it is not present as an OEM in these markets. Paccar is not present in some good markets and this can be looked upon as an opportunity for growth. DAF is one of the top players in the Western European market for trucks whose weight is more than 15TGVW. Also, DAF is in the leading position In Tractor Trailer segment. Its market share (16T+) in Europe declined sharply, however in USA & Canada (Class 8)it gained market share in 2014. Paccar sales increased in 2014 to 142,900 units compared to 137,100 units in 2013. DAF is a great company with history and a great asset to PACCAR. 2010 was a historical year for DAF.  The 2010 year was excellent, and in overall heavy duty trucks (over 15T GVW) it was number 2 in Western Europe in sales, over MAN and Volvo.  In the tractor-trailer market segment, DAF was number one.

According to the following graph, PACCAR stands fifth in the world’s truck production in 2014. Its nearest competitors are Dongfeng and VW Group.

Global Truck Production

DAF is the premium brand of Paccar group. It is successful in Europe, especially in Tractor segment. The vehicles are available in Euro 6 for optimal vehicle application. There is a combination of ideal speed, gear ratio, GPS and Transport efficiency technology for an optimal solution.

The vehicle rating is high in quality, performance, and suitability for the application. The main drawback of the brand is, it cannot penetrate outside Europe in spite of being a good vehicle. However recently DAF has entered other markets outside the EU like Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Jordan and Nigeria city distribution for long distance road transport with more than 1,000 global dealer’s network. The company is going to invest in Belgium for a cab plant. DAF has also received many awards in different categories.

Parent company DAF has given best Return of investment.

Paccar group overview

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Paccar Strategy Analysis report

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Indian Bus Market Research Analysis Report Bus Forecast, Pricing Analysis, Technology Analysis, Technical & Features Trend 2025

Indian Bus Market share 2015

Indian Bus Market Research Analysis Report is our latest analysis on product strategy & market dynamics. Indian Bus market is attractive market for OEMs, Dealers & Vendors. India would be one the key market for European and Indian OEMs by 2020. The luxury Bus segment is the fastest growing market from last couple of years.Scania, Volvo & Mercedes are major players of this segment. The low cost segment would gradually shift to budget segment. Recently, BharatBenz announced to enter into budget segment. 

In our analysis, we also forecast Bus price increase, Material and other expense fluctuation. The expected increase in Bus price would be 3-4% in next 1 to 3 year. Commodity price, Material cost and promotional cost would also increase between 2 to 5% by 2018. 

The Bus technology would play important role as per future market trend, predicted by Autobei Consulting Group."Go Green" will be next selling & buying punch line for Bus Industry. Scania, Volvo are leading players to introduce new technology in market and trys to establish technology oriented brand in this segment. MAN is also having potential to be a major player in Budget and Premium Bus segment but it could not penetrate the market like in Truck segment.

Indian Bus market share analysis

M&HCV segment registered negative growth of around 5% and LCV segment registered around 5% growth. Bus export noted growth of 71% in 2014. Tata, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra, SML Isuzu, Force Motors are traditional players in Bus segment. Every brand is having its USP in particular segment. In domestic market ,Tata Motors is the market leader with around 36%, Force Motors with 23% and Ashok Leyland with 16.5% market share. Force Motors would also successful in overseas market by focusing target countries. Its flagship model Traveller is the leader in its segment from a long time.

Bus transportation will be backbone of public transport due to heavy traffic in country. India need Bus which can replace car and Two wheeler. Central & State Governments are taking initiative to construct road and which give better connectivity in rural and urban areas. Due to such initiatives bus sales will increase and register impressive growth. 

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Indian Bus market intelligence report



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