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Volvo Brand wise share

Volvo Group Business Strategy is detail study of its all business vertical. Volvo is having strong brand position as a premium brand. It reflects quality products in the area of Automotive and transport solution. Volvo was only in Premium segment but to… Continue Reading


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Volkswagen and Toyota, are two major automotive groups in the world. Volkswagen is known as one of the most aggressive of all groups holding primary positions in the premium brand car segment.  Toyota Group replaced General Motors by thrusting it… Continue Reading


New Adaptive Methodologies could revive the struggling Automotive Industry

"In 2009, after a meeting at BMW’s Munich Corporate office, as I reached the parking lot I found a flyer in Bayerisch German language. It was letter from BMW Union which says that BMW employees should drive BMW cars, as… Continue Reading


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E-mobility technology for Automobiles Steps of Electrification of Driveline When we speak about E-mobility we have to distinguish the different steps of E-Mobility from Micro Hybrid up to BEV and ReBev or Rex Vehicles. Micro Hybrid A Micro Hybrid uses… Continue Reading