Bosch Business review and cost saving analysis

The Bosch Group is a leading and one of the largest global supplier of technology and services.Its revenue was 49 billion Euros in 2014. Out of this, it spent 5 billion Euro in R&D which comes around 5% of its revenue. Its Business operations are categorized into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. Recently it started to improve its non automotive business which will reduce its dependency on this business and focus on retail sales also of Home Appliances. Last year company company bought 100% stake from Bosch BSH JV. Company is known for innovations and new technology development. It play important role in Hybrid vehicle, Common rail injection system and other safety system. Bosch engine technology reduced fuel consumption around 15% for commercial vehicle. 

Bosch financial analysisThere is impressive increase of company's profit in 2014 compare to 2013. Capital expenditure did not noted change since 2000. R&D expenditure which is back bone of company has increased from 3,810 to 4,959 Euro.

There is strong cost saving in Bosch Stuttgart, Germany. All corporate can follow such cost cutting policy of Bosch and could save good amount every year. Here are some example of Business practice of Bosch Head office, Stuttagart, Germany:

1. Employees are not allowed to make personal call from office phone. In case if some one use it, the amount will be deducted from salary.

2. Even mid management is not allowed to take print in quality papers untill it is not necessary. There are very economical paper (Yellow color) available to take print.

3. Most of the manpower are student and work there as a praktikant or work student. If company keep permanent employees then company has to pay all kind of taxes.

4. The travelling and hotel expenses are also strict.

5. Internet access is limited


6. Laptop and other electronic items are allowed for Mid and Top management

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