Daimler Business Review & Strategy Analysis Daimler New Brand concept would be Game Changer for Global car Industry

The Premium Daimler Car brands like Maybach and AMG have a small market in India and other price sensitive markets. Daimler would launch new economy brand to target mass market like BharatBenz Truck for emerging markets. This new brand car has a huge market in Emerging markets including China, India, Europe. New brand or other important markets will target mass market and give direct competition to Toyota and Volkswagen. Company could consider in its Daimler Strategy 2020.

There is a considerably big market for BharatBenz Trucks and a small market for Mercedes-Benz Trucks in India and other price sensitive markets. The market size is medium for Freightliner Trucks and Western star Trucks in NAFTA region.  Also, the market size is medium for Fuso in Japan and some Asian countries.

The market size is slightly big for Bharatbenz buses and very small for Mercedes-Benz buses in India and other price sensitive markets. Setra buses have a medium to small market size in India and other price sensitive markets.

Daimler Brand position and Strategy

The Daimler Group on the whole has performed better in 2014 than in 2013. This growth can be seen in Mercedes-Benz cars, Daimler Trucks, Mercedes-Benz vans, Daimler Buses and Daimler Financial Services.

The new car brand will increase the revenue and profit by more than double of what it is presently. This will make it the number one brand globally.

Top players like Volkswagen, GM, Ford, Toyota are presence in Economy segment also. If Daimler launch its new car brand which target Economy segment, its revenue and profit would increase more than double. New brand would be suitable not only for emerging countries like China, India. Asian, or some other emerging countries but also game changer in central Europe, Western Europe and NAFTA region. By launching this new brand, company would have a largest segment. Toyota and Volkswagen would be direct competitor of this brand. It would be biggest project for Mr Dieter Zetsche and Game Changer project for Daimler and Global car market. Even we have done primary survey also to know people opinion about new Daimler brand, more than 80% are ready to consider for their portfolio.

Daimler Strategy analysis

 Daimler needs economy Brand due to following challenges:

  • Electric/Hybrid cars
  • Small cars segment
  • Meet new European emission standard
  • Tough competition from BMW, Audi & JLR in premium segment
  • Make stronger after sales support
  • Mercedes is the only Daimler Brand which is having strong grip in Global markets
  • Daimler's other brands are limited in specific region


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Daimler Business review & Strategy

Top Target Countries/Region:

Daimler future car strategy

New Brand will be supported by Mercedes Benz brand and it will be establish in short period.

To develop the new brand, Daimler needs to work on many functional areas.

Daimler New Product development


Global Brand position:

Global Brand position

Volkswagen has sold 946,000 units in China. This market can be captured by Daimler by new brand.


We have done survey what poepe think about new economy Daimler brand. We have recived positive reposnse from most of the people.

Daimler new product survey


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