Malaysia Automobile Production and Sales Trend Malaysia Automobile Production and Sales Trend, car sales, Commercial vehicle sales,car production, Commercial vehicle production, Import duty structure

Malaysia Automobile Industry Overview

Malaysia Automobile Production 1980 to 2015

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Thailand Automotive Market Feb 2016 Thailand Automotive Market Feb 2016, Truck segment, Bus Segment, Commercial vehicle Segment, Car sales, Two wheeler sales, Thailand Auto production, Thailand Sales, Thailand Auto export

Thailand Automotive Industry Overview Feb 2016

UK Automobile Market 2015 Commercial Vehicle, Car, Bus and Coaches

UK Automobile market Analysis 2015

 UK Automobile Market in 2015

  • Best ever performance in new car market in 2015 after fourth consecutive year of growth, touched 2.6 million units
  • Ford is the market leader in car segment, market is dominated by German OEMs
  • Commercial vehicle segment registrations reach all-time high in 2015, with 423,894 units – up 16.7% on 2014, Truck segment contributed by 25.5% with 52,064 units
  • Ford is market leader in LCV segment and DAF, Mercedes and Scania are top players in heavy segment.
  • Bus and coach market closes 2015 with 22.8% rise to 9,025 units – the best performance in seven years, Alexander Dennis, Volvo and WRIGHTBUS are top three OEMs in 2015 [Read more…]

Tata Motors January 2016 sales report and updates Sales Growth by Tata Motors in January 2016

Overview jan 2016

Tata Motors sales report  january 2016

Tata Motors Jan 2016 detail sales report and company updates. Full article for subscribers only.

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Indian Automobile Industry Analysis 2015 Production, Sales and Export, Segment and Brand wise Analysis

Indian Automobile Industry Report 2015

Global Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Market size and Forecast Strategy Analysis and Challenges of EV and HV vehicles

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle analysis

Around 70 million cars and Commercial vehicles are produced in 2014 worldwide. Majority of vehicles are running on Diesel fuel. To protect environment, Electric and Hybrid vehicle might play major role to reduce pollution and keep clean environment. Some major markets like USA, China, India and Europe start to make blue print to promote Electric and Hybrid vehicles. Despite awareness of these vehicles, electric and hybrid cars has not yet noted market share in any of the major auto markets — USA, India,  Europe and China — which are largest auto markets.

Some challenges need to focus to make it attractive for mass market like high costs (But try to make it with low TCO for long term), limited driving distance, Charging times, charging infrastructure, and battery maintenance issues are major issued faced by Industry and target segment. Most  of them are already started to improve by stake holders.

– ACG is expecting that with time, battery maintenance cost will come down around 15-20%, Tesla is already working to reduce its cost.

– After entering of Apple into Electric car, some innovation are expected to make it mass market products even in emerging countries.

– For limited driving range would also increase from 150KM to more than 200KM, Govt are also started to give subsidiary to make charging points infrastructure for Electric vehicles. Promoting alternatives fuel vehicles.

– Hybrid vehicle are compatible alternative of Electric vehicle for atleast next 20 years.

Norway is a small players in World Auto market but it registered more than 18,000 units of Electric and more than 10,000 units of hybrid in 2014. UK, France, Netherlands and Germany are top players in hybrid vehicles segment.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle analysis reportIn our latest report we have covered country wise price and market forecast also.

Electric vehicles Country wise market analysis:

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Ashok Leyland Business Review Ashok Leyland Detail Analysis Report

Ashok Leyland Business Review

Ashok Leyland is the second largest truck manufacturer in India. Its Business strategy gradually started to enter into LCV and SCV segment. This strategy help company to gain market share. Company is having strong grip in Bus segment. The main area where company needs to improves are introduce vehicles for heavy application and premium bus segment.Along this company needs to implement new dealer strategy, improve after sales product performance of U Truck also.

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Indian Automobile Industry outpaces its peers among BRICs countries BRICs Automobile Industry Analysis and its future trend

BRICs auto industry Analysis Report

Quite a long time ago a large portion of the automobile organizations' board rooms used to end up discussing just about the BRICs markets. The Indian Automobile Industry has outpaced its companions among BRICs nations in Q2 2015 and is relied upon to keep on doing as such in 2016 as well. Numerous key branches of the Global Automotive Industry were taking a shot at how to enter and make successful systems to fight out in the BRICs market.

Brazil China India and Russia Automobile Industry

China and India are two of the greatest and ruling markets. Its impact on the Global Automobile Industry is colossal. Albeit, as of late Chinese economy and Automobile Industry has wound up giving some negative sentiments to the market. Then again the Indian economy and its Industry demonstrated some positive sentiments and standpoint.  Today the People's Bank of China pronounced to decrease its loan costs by 25 premise focuses furthermore guaranteed a half-rate cut in the reserve requirement ratio (RRR) to bolster its economy pointers and to at last pick up market sentiments.  As of late, China, Russia and Brazil have all enlisted negative development in the Car, Heavy Commercial vehicle, Light Commercial Vehicle/Busses and Coaches segment. In Commercial Vehicle Production Russia is definitely influenced by a 44% drop , though Brazil and China drooped 28% and 14% individually.

BRICs commercial vehicle production forecastThen again, India wound up enlisting an imperative development of 5%. We have seen a comparable pattern as to the Car, Bus, Heavy Duty Truck and Bus segments. Alongside the ebb and flow pattern, we have additionally broken down the market viewpoint of every nation and have investigated every possibility in covering the accompanying focuses in our most recent analysis.  The expected recuperation in long/Medium and Short term.  Is China confronting a market amendment or will it breakdown? How will the Russian market develop and overcome current political turbulence? Key issues in Brazilian markets and the late endeavors at reestablishing itself. Innovation, Exchange rates, Dynamic Buyer Behavior, After Sales Issues, Pricing, Per Capita Income, Employment, New Product Launches, Product Life Cycle, Product Age, Re Sales Value, GDP, Disposable Income, Duty, and Product Position are a good bunch of parameters which assume a huge part in providing guidance to the BRICs automobile Industry.

Car Production:

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Future of Chinese Automotive Industry in India Complete Strategy analysis on Entry strategy for Indian Auto Market

Chinese Auto Industry

Chinese Automotive Industry is the biggest business on the planet. However Chinese vehicles are shockingly truant in the Car, Truck, Bus and bike fragments and in the Indian Auto market. We have examined the key issues encompassing Chinese Automotive Industry and recommended answers for being fruitful in the Indian market. The Recent stomp in the Chinese Auto Industry and the uplifting standpoint of the Indian economy could bring Chinese Auto makers into the Indian Auto market. We have finished an inside-out examination on the conceivable outcomes and difficulties Chinese Auto manufacturers may confront while infiltrating the Indian market. Society, dialect, Business structure, Segment, Product position, Pricing, Branding are some of the areas we have secured in our second release of the report.

Chinese Auto Industry Strategy for India

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BharatBenz races ahead of the pack BharatBenz sales, Market share, Price, Competitive analysis,Mahindra Truck Sales, Indian Truck Industry

DICV sales analysis

BharatBenz is one of the most successful case study in Global Automobile world. This case study gives in depth analysis on how to make entry strategy and implement it.In 2015, BharatBenz races ahead the pack in India. This is ACG fourth edition on BharatBenz Strategy Analysis Report. This study give useful inside for Indian, European, American, Vendors and other related automotive Industry. Company Brand Strategy and its impact on sales is also included in our report. DICV 's entry strategy into Indian market set one example how to be successful in new market. BharatBenz product range is almost perfect combination of Price, Branding, Product portfolio, Product position, Network strategy, Features, Specification and Technology. We have compared BharatBenz sales with Mahindra Truck & Bus and how trend change with the time. There is also description of Sales trend of BharatBenz Model wise 914 Rigid Haulage,1214 Rigid Haulage,1217 Tipper, 1617, 2523 Rigid Haulage and Tipper, 2528 Tipper, 3123 Rigid Haulage,3128 Tipper,4023 and 4928 Tractor sales trend from its market launch to September 2015. State wise network analysis is also included.

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