Indian Automobile Industry Feb 2016 Two Wheeler, Passenger Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle, Three Wheeler, Production, Export and Sales

Indian Automobile Industry Analysis Feb 2016

Indian Automobile Industry Analysis Feb 2016

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UK Automobile Market 2015 Commercial Vehicle, Car, Bus and Coaches

UK Automobile market Analysis 2015

 UK Automobile Market in 2015

  • Best ever performance in new car market in 2015 after fourth consecutive year of growth, touched 2.6 million units
  • Ford is the market leader in car segment, market is dominated by German OEMs
  • Commercial vehicle segment registrations reach all-time high in 2015, with 423,894 units – up 16.7% on 2014, Truck segment contributed by 25.5% with 52,064 units
  • Ford is market leader in LCV segment and DAF, Mercedes and Scania are top players in heavy segment.
  • Bus and coach market closes 2015 with 22.8% rise to 9,025 units – the best performance in seven years, Alexander Dennis, Volvo and WRIGHTBUS are top three OEMs in 2015 [Read more…]

Auto spare parts pricing strategy Genuine, Local, Spurious, Passenger Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle, Truck, Bus, Two Wheeler & Three Wheeler

Truck Spare parts price

Parts pricing strategy is one of the most crucial decisions in an Automobile Industry.  In a detailed Auto Spare parts price analysis report we found that more than 43% of the companies either do not do proper research on parts pricing or realize the need to conduct a study too late. One of the biggest European Commercial Vehicle manufacturing company, OEM, approached Autobei Consulting Group in 2014. This company started their operation in India in 2005. When we started to make Sales strateg for this company, we found its parts to be very expensive. This resulted in most customers deciding against buying vehicle from this company. The company did not realize this untill 2014. Between 2002 to 2014 it lost more than 5% market shares due to high spare parts price.

Our methodology considers several factors for Auto Parts Strategy like Volume, Life cycle, Replacement cycle, Quality, Segment, Application, Availability, Currency fluctuation, Competition, Other channel sales, Supply Chain management, Warehouse, Transportation etc.

Auto parts manufacturers Industry Outlook and online parts strategy are also included in our latest report.

Spare Parts business was making profits; even during recession time in Germany and other central European countries. It came under a high profit business area. It contributed the highest net income in Auto companies’ balance sheet. It is necessary to ensure that marginal increase in price does not impact its volume and profit.

BharatBenz indigenous provides almost all parts except few critical items. Its indigenous percentage is close to 95% and hence the prices are very competitive and even lower than the local parts. MAN replaces its vendors for filter items and was thus able to supply filters at the price on par with the competition.

Truck Spare parts price

Truck parts price is an important parameter for Business planning, Sales strategy, TCO, maintenance cost analysis etc. There are four parts in this report – Passenger Vehicle (Cars, SUV, MUV, Luxury, Sedan, Hatch back Sports and VAN), Commercial Vehicle, Two Wheeler and Three Wheeler segment. We have also covered second level classification which includes Truck, Bus, LCV, SCV, MCV & HCV segment. 

In our latest report we have analyzed Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Piaggio, Volvo, BharatBenz, AMW, Scania, Eicher, SML Isuzu, Isuzu, Force Motors, MAN, Maruti Suzuki, Fiat, Hyundai, Renault, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, GM, Ford, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, Audi, Skoda, Tata Motors Bajaj Auto, Mahindra & Mahindra, TVS Motors, Honda, Hero, Suzuki, Yamaha and Royal Enfield.

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Auto parts pricing analysis







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South African market analysis overview Car, Truck, Bus, Commercial Vehicle, Market share, Growth, Medium, Heavy, Extra Heavy CV analysis, south african automobile vehicle market analysis, annual sales 2015, November 2015 analysis, yearly autom arket market sales, south african automobile vehicle statistics, south african automobile vehicle market 2015, south african automobile vehicle industry analysis, south african automobile vehicle industry data, south african automobile vehicle statistics 2015, south african automobile vehicle industry, south african automobile vehicle trends Nov 2015, south african automobile vehicle industry facts, south african automobile vehicle industry statistics sou, south african automobile vehicle industry Nov 2015, south african automobile vehicle manufacturers south africa, south african truck market, automobile vehicle industry south africa, automobile vehicle market share in south africa, south african truck market analysis, automobile vehicle market, south african automobile vehicle market share, south african automobile vehicle industry statistics, south african automobile Vehicle Sales Analysis 2015

South Africa Automobile analysis March 2015

South Africa Car sales analysis March 2015

South Africa is very interesting market, all most all major players are presence in this market. Toyota is the market leader in in this market in March 2015. Indian OEMs are also presence in this market. Tata Brand, Land Rover and Jaguar are the major brands in premium segment. Mahindra's Brand Ssangyong expected to gain measurable market share after re-position its brand.This market is dominated by Japanese players. Extra heavy Commercial Vehicle segment is dominating by European OEMs.

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VECV Commercial vehicle Sales Trend Analysis Eicher, Volvo, Month wise, Sales trend, Truck, Bus, Commercial Vehicle, Export, Quarter & Month wise

Eicher Commercial Vehicle sales FY 15

Eicher truck and Bus sales trend FY 2014-15

Eicher commercial vehicle sales is in cyclic order. In FY 2008-09, it sold 17,341 vehicle including Truck and Bus. In FY 2014-15 it sold 35,445 units and registered 4.2% growth. FY 2011-12 was one of the best year for Eicher.The company is strong in LCV segment. Its heavy truck portfolio for off road application still need some new products to penetrate this segment. In Haulage segment it is having strong grip, Pro Series introduced to fill this product gap in Tipper and Tractor (Long Haulage). Premium brand Volvo sold 102 units in FY15 compare to 105 units in FY 2014, de growth of 2.9%.

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Mahindra Auto overview FY 2014-15 Mahindra car, SUV,MUV,Truck,Bus, Commercial vehicle, Three wheeler, Two wheeler, Tractor, month wise, Year wise, Sales trend, Export, Domestic sales, mahindra growth, mahindra growth factories, mahindra growth strategy, mahindra growth rate fy 2014-15, mahindra and mahindra sales figures, mahindra sales in september 2015, mahindra sales, mahindra sales february 2015, mahindra and mahindra automobiles annual report, mahindra and mahindra automobiles annual report 2014-15, mahindra and mahindra automobiles, mahindra scorpio, mahindra xylo, mahindra bolero, mahindra two wheelers, mahindra thar, annual report, annual report of mahindra and mahindra automobile 2014-15, mahindra automobiles, Mahindra buses, mahindra truck, mahindra truck analysis, mahindra truck and bus analysis, mahindra truck statistics, mahindra suv500

Mahindra Sales anaysis

Mahindra Sales anaysis

Mahindra Auto (Excluding Two Wheeler and Tractor) Sales showed some de growth since FY 13.However its export registered slightly growth in FY 2014-15. In FY 2010-11, it sold 358,021 vehicle in domestic market and in FY 15 fiscal year it sold 434,652 units.

Overview of Sales performance FY 2014-15:

Mahindra Automotive Sales performance FY 15

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M&HCV segment is the main driver for Tata Motors growth Month wise analysis, Export trend, Year wise sales trend, Commercial vehicle, Passenger vehicle, Car, SUv, MUV, Tata Motors sales in february 2015, Tata Motors sales, Tata Motors sales in 2015, Tata Motors report, Tata Motors car sales , Tata Motors india sales report, Tata Motors february 2015, Tata Motors updates, Tata Motors february news, Tata Motors Detail report and analysis, Tata Motors analysis, Tata Motors statistics, Tata Motors sales report, Reports, sales report, reports of Tata Motors, Tata Motors export report and analysis, Tata Motors news, Tata Motors SUV reports, Tata Motors Trucks, Tata Motors Truck sales report, Tata Motors bus report, Tata Motors commercial vehicle report, Tata Motors Passenger vehicle report, Jaguar sales report, land rover sales report, jaguar, land rover, tata arya

tata Motors month wise sales in FY 2014-15

Tata Motors passenger vehicle sales trend

Recently added two cars in Tata product portfolio contributed significantly in Tata car sales. However Tata Motors sales trend showed sharp decline after FY 2011-12. In 2008-09 it sold 200,159 units but in FY 2014-15 its sales decline to the lowest level.

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European Commercial Vehicle market shown growth sign Top CV Countries in Europe, Heavy Trucks, MCV, Buses, Trends, european vehicle market statistics 2015, acea, eurostat, european car market growth, european car market analysis, european car market share 2015, european car rental market, european car sales statistics, european car brands, european car manufacturers, hertz european car rental, european car market 2015, eu car sales 2015, european car sales statistics, european vehicle market statistics 2015, european automotive industry, european automaker, european automobile manufacturers association, aceea, european car sales 2015, new car sales statistics, hybrid car sales statistics, electric car sales statistics, car sales statistics, used car sales statistics, luxury car sales statistics, european vehicle market statistics 2015

European CV sales analysis Feb 2015

European CV sales analysis Feb 2015European Commercial Vehicle increased for second consecutive month in February after the drastic change at the end of the 2014, demand for new commercial vehicles in the EU is positive sign for market. New vehicles sales 8.3 Percent year over year, following 7.6 percent increase in January 2015, it was a consecutive monthly rise after decline record  -2.5 percent in December 2014.Significant growth by European CV contributing to last month’s positive outcome across the region.  

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The Key to successful in Chinese Auto Market Negotiation style and Intercultural Managment, chinese automobile vehicle market analysis

Doing Business in China

Chinese Automotive Industry grew at the 22% CAGR in the year 2005 to 2014. It overtook the biggest car market USA in 2010. By 2020 as per ACG forecast it would touch 21million bigger than the European market.

Like India, Chinese purchase behavior is different, currently, second-time buyers are more than first-time buyers and they are interested in taking budget (Upgrade) segment car. The buying sentiments and habits are different in the different region, Segment and body type. The Chinese auto market drivers are giving positive signals to like urbanization, increasing household income, Infrastructure, Spending nature and penetration rates.

Car and Commercial Vehicle market are two most important segment in China for foreign players like MAN, DAF, Scania, Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Audi, Mercedes, Renault, Peugeot, Landrover, Volvo etc. The market, Products, Pricing, Technology, Economy are some of the important factors but on the other hand, there is one more important parameter which impacts on entry and survival for any business in China. Intercultural management and negotiation are also very sensitive and important for any company which entered to planning to enter the Chinese market.

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Trends in the Commercial Vehicle Segment Truck, Bus, Sales, Market share, Brand wise, LCV & M&HCV segment

Indian Commercial Vehicle Analysis 2015

The Commercial vehicle market has always been one of the cogs of our transportation system and has enabled places far away from each other to be well connected. Trucks take the higher stand in this segment, recording an 8% growth in sales from 42,268 units in February 2014 to 45,444 units sold the same month next year. Passenger vehicles have also seen an upsurge of 29% over this same period. In conclusion, the commercial market has totally seen a hike of 10% over this year. [Read more…]

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