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The Commercial vehicle market has always been one of the cogs of our transportation system and has enabled places far away from each other to be well connected. Trucks take the higher stand in this segment, recording an 8% growth in sales from 42,268 units in February 2014 to 45,444 units sold the same month next year. Passenger vehicles have also seen an upsurge of 29% over this same period. In conclusion, the commercial market has totally seen a hike of 10% over this year.

Indian Commercial Vehicle Analysis 2015

Commercial Vehicle Sales Overview Feb 2015

Brand wise CV sales in India

The Commercial Vehicle market share is singlehandedly ruled by Tata Motors who have seen tremendous sales in the period from February 2014 to February 2015 marked by a 13% increase in market during this period. Following by miles behind, is Mahindra who have however recorded a 14% dip in sales over the same period. Ashok Leyland though not the front runners of this segment have still seen immense growth over this year to the point that sales have even doubled. A 41% increase in sales have been observed. Other Manufacturers like Ashok Leyland, Eicher, Force, Isuzu and Piaggio have seen very subtle changes in their sales. 

Commercial Vehicle Market Share:

Market share of Indian Commercial Vehicle in Feb 2015

The sales figures coincide with the corresponding Market share graph with Tata Motors almost capturing half the market with their share of 46.8% in February 2015, smidgens more then their 45.7% share in February the preceding year. Mahindra is also a close competitor with their 22.6% share. However their market share in February 2015 has undergone a considerable decrease from their 29.6% share in February the previous year. Ashok Leyland is another majority bagging an 18.2% share in the charts. Companies like Eicher, Force and Piaggio though having a very small market share, havent failed to slightly increase the same over the duration of the year from Feb 2014 to Feb 2015. 

M&HCV Truck Sales Overview:

brand wise Medium and heavy duty truck sales in India

Trucks in particular have seen incredible sales from Tata Motors who have seen a 35% increase in sales in just the past year from February 2014 to February 2015. Truck sales at Ashok Leyland have almost doubled with a 58% increase in sales over the same period. Eicher has also noted a 15% upsurge in truck sales. Mahindra, AMW, SML Isuzu and Volvo have also seen minor changes in sales and have managed to get a few figures on the truck sales department. 

Medium and heavy duty brand wise market share

The Market share, as is obvious from the sales figures point to Tata Motors as the clear winner of the Truck Market share with their astounding 56% share in Feb 2015, slightly lesser than the 57% share the last year. Ashok Leyland are also closely catching up with a 30% share of the truck market in feb 2015. Eicher also holds a small place in this competition with Mahindra, AMW, and Volvo catching up with their minute shares. 

Light Duty Truck Sales:

Indian LCV truck sales analysis in Feb 2015

The LCV Truck sales have seen both Tata Motors and Mahindra as equals with 11,431 units and 11,417 units sold respectively in February 2015. Ashok Leyland have seen a minor 8% increase in sales over the year, whereas Piaggio have recorded a 5% dip in the same. Eicher, Isuzu and Force motors have also seen slight increases in their sales over the same period. 

Indian LCV Truck market shareTata has improved its positiob by gaining 2% but Mahindra lost around 4% share in Feb 2015. After Introducing BOSS Ashok Leyland also increased 1% market share. Recently Tata has also introduced New application of Tata ACE.

Bus Market Analysis:

Indian heavy duty bus analysis Feb 2015

A whooping 28% increase in sales from 1,365 units in February 2014 to 1749 units in February 2015 have put Tata Motors on the top of th charts. Closely coming behind are Ashok Leyland who have recorded a 46% increase in sales from last year amounting to 1408 units sold in february this year. Isuzu have also seen a notable increase in their sales, whereas Eicher and Mahindra have recorded a decline in sales over this period.

M&HCV Bus Market Share:

Indian heavy and medium duty bus market share

The market share throne has been rightfully snatched by Tata Motors with thier 46.4% market share, with Ashok Leyland close to being a dangerous competitor with their market share of 37.4%. Isuzu has also noted an increase in it's market share from the previous year and has managed a pleasant 8.5% market share this February 2015. Eicher has noted a minor decrease in market share from the previous year and stands at a proud 6.1% this February. Mahindra have seen flat shares in this segment. 

LCV Bus Sales analysis:

Indian LCV Bus market analysis

The LCV bus sales figures put Force Motors on the top of the charts who have recorded a stunning increase in sales from 1,299 units sold in February 2014 to 1,738 units in February the next year. Tata Motors have seen flat sales of around 1000 units over the same period. Eicher though characterized by small sales figures still manages to increase it's numbers slightly in the same period by about 27%. Isuzu and Mahindra have also recorded increase in the sales numbers. 

Bus Market share of LCV:

LCV bus market share in India

The Bus market share is dictated by Force Motors and Tata Motors with their 47.8% share and 30.2% shares respectively, this February 2015. Tata Motors have seen a considerable decrease in Market share from 37.5% in February 2014 to only 30.2% the following year. Eicher also holds a proud 9.2% share with Isuzu close behind with a 7.5% share and Mahindra with a 3.9% market share. 

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