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Mahindra Sales anaysis

Mahindra Sales anaysis

Mahindra Auto (Excluding Two Wheeler and Tractor) Sales showed some de growth since FY 13.However its export registered slightly growth in FY 2014-15. In FY 2010-11, it sold 358,021 vehicle in domestic market and in FY 15 fiscal year it sold 434,652 units.

Overview of Sales performance FY 2014-15:

Mahindra Automotive Sales performance FY 15

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Ashok Leyland sales trend analysis

Ashok Leyland sales trend analysisOne of the major player in Commercial vehicle segment, Ashok Leyland shown 29%,-6% and 17% growth in M&HCV , LCV and overall sales compare to FY 2013-14. Expansion in new markets, new product and product mix portfolio supported company to show double digit growth. Overall M&HCV segment also giving positive sign to Indian Commercial Vehicle Industry. 

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