VECV sales report and updates of April 2016 VECV sales analysis April 2016 , VECV news April 2016

Following is VECV Eicher sales chart and analysis of April 2016


Eicher and Volvo Sales Analysis FY 2015-16 Volvo Truck sales month wise analysis, Eicher Truck and Bus sales month wise analysis

Eicher and Volvo Sales Analysis FY 2015-16 shown impressive growth in last month of the FY 2016. It registered 50% sales growth including Volvo truck. In March 2016, company registered 46% sales growth in Domestic market and 117% growth in… Continue Reading


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Eicher Motors

From December 2015, company showed imressive growth which is proportional to Indian Commercial vehicle Industry trend. VECV – Eicher Motors sales report of Feb 2016. Full article with statistics is for subscriber only.


VECV Commercial vehicle Sales Trend Analysis Eicher, Volvo, Month wise, Sales trend, Truck, Bus, Commercial Vehicle, Export, Quarter & Month wise

Eicher commercial vehicle sales is in cyclic order. In FY 2008-09, it sold 17,341 vehicle including Truck and Bus. In FY 2014-15 it sold 35,445 units and registered 4.2% growth. FY 2011-12 was one of the best year for Eicher.The… Continue Reading