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Eicher truck and Bus sales trend FY 2014-15

Eicher commercial vehicle sales is in cyclic order. In FY 2008-09, it sold 17,341 vehicle including Truck and Bus. In FY 2014-15 it sold 35,445 units and registered 4.2% growth. FY 2011-12 was one of the best year for Eicher.The company is strong in LCV segment. Its heavy truck portfolio for off road application still need some new products to penetrate this segment. In Haulage segment it is having strong grip, Pro Series introduced to fill this product gap in Tipper and Tractor (Long Haulage). Premium brand Volvo sold 102 units in FY15 compare to 105 units in FY 2014, de growth of 2.9%.

Year wise sales analysis:


Eicher truck and bus sales analysis

Quarter wise Sales Analysis:


Eicher Truck and Bus Sales quarter wise

There was mix performance in each quarter of last financial year. Last quarter was the best one which touched 31.7% growth by sellling of more than 10,000 units of vehicle.  Recent months showed positive signals about its growth.

Eicher Truck & Bus Sales Month Wise sales analysis:


Month wise VECV sales of commercial vehicle

March 15 was the best month for the company, it touched highest sales of 4,503 units. Earlier highest sales was 3,474 units in June 14. There is cyclic sales in FY 14-15. There is min impact of its pro series product range.



Eicher truck and bus export

There was sharp decline in export of the the vehicle. Last few month showed only de growth in export. In the begining of the year, it export 643 units but in last month of the FY 15 showed only 317 vehicle.

March 15 sales uupdate:


March Sales of eicher CV

Source: Eicher, Autobei Databank

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  1. Well thanks for sharing this information. Ya its a good news for Eicher group to slowly capturing the Indian commercial Vehicle market. Its a good time for Eicher because Tata motors is India’s biggest commercial vehicle manufacture they are facing negative sales growth in last financial year. Ashok Leyland also record a positive sales growth of 17%(12754)compared to previous year sales(10281).

    Senthil Kumar
    Experience in Project Execution and marketing of Industrial Cranes

  2. Mass production and good marketing strategy will always give a great success to the Indian auto maker. If Eicher implement this thing in business they will get two digit sales growth.

    Senthil Kumar
    Experience in Project Execution and marketing of Industrial Cranes

  3. How about Eicher pro standard bus?

    Vivek Dafale
    Deputy Design Manager

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