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Truck Spare parts price

Parts pricing strategy is one of the most crucial decisions in an Automobile Industry.  In a detailed Auto Spare parts price analysis report we found that more than 43% of the companies either do not do proper research on parts pricing or realize the need to conduct a study too late. One of the biggest European Commercial Vehicle manufacturing company, OEM, approached Autobei Consulting Group in 2014. This company started their operation in India in 2005. When we started to make Sales strateg for this company, we found its parts to be very expensive. This resulted in most customers deciding against buying vehicle from this company. The company did not realize this untill 2014. Between 2002 to 2014 it lost more than 5% market shares due to high spare parts price.

Our methodology considers several factors for Auto Parts Strategy like Volume, Life cycle, Replacement cycle, Quality, Segment, Application, Availability, Currency fluctuation, Competition, Other channel sales, Supply Chain management, Warehouse, Transportation etc.

Auto parts manufacturers Industry Outlook and online parts strategy are also included in our latest report.

Spare Parts business was making profits; even during recession time in Germany and other central European countries. It came under a high profit business area. It contributed the highest net income in Auto companies’ balance sheet. It is necessary to ensure that marginal increase in price does not impact its volume and profit.

BharatBenz indigenous provides almost all parts except few critical items. Its indigenous percentage is close to 95% and hence the prices are very competitive and even lower than the local parts. MAN replaces its vendors for filter items and was thus able to supply filters at the price on par with the competition.

Truck Spare parts price

Truck parts price is an important parameter for Business planning, Sales strategy, TCO, maintenance cost analysis etc. There are four parts in this report – Passenger Vehicle (Cars, SUV, MUV, Luxury, Sedan, Hatch back Sports and VAN), Commercial Vehicle, Two Wheeler and Three Wheeler segment. We have also covered second level classification which includes Truck, Bus, LCV, SCV, MCV & HCV segment. 

In our latest report we have analyzed Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Piaggio, Volvo, BharatBenz, AMW, Scania, Eicher, SML Isuzu, Isuzu, Force Motors, MAN, Maruti Suzuki, Fiat, Hyundai, Renault, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, GM, Ford, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, Audi, Skoda, Tata Motors Bajaj Auto, Mahindra & Mahindra, TVS Motors, Honda, Hero, Suzuki, Yamaha and Royal Enfield.

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Auto parts pricing analysis







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tata Motors month wise sales in FY 2014-15

Tata Motors passenger vehicle sales trend

Recently added two cars in Tata product portfolio contributed significantly in Tata car sales. However Tata Motors sales trend showed sharp decline after FY 2011-12. In 2008-09 it sold 200,159 units but in FY 2014-15 its sales decline to the lowest level.

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The sales figures speak Brand wise sales, export, Production of Car,SUV,MUV and Van

Indian Car market overview 2015

The Passenger vehicle segment is among the most popular of automobile segments in the minds of people. Not only does it provide transportation with ease, it also helps for delivery and procurement of items from far off places. Cars, undoubtedly grab a majority of this segment with their sales facing a 7% increase over the year from February 2014 to February 2015. SUV's capture a minute share with a 5% increase in sales from 43,509 units to 45,545 units over this same period of time. Vans have also seen a subtle increase in sales by about 3% but their share as compared to sales of cars remains a mere percentage. Overall, passenger vehicles have seen a 6% growth in their sales as compared to the previous fiscal year. 

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