BRICs Automotive Market and Trend Analysis Passenger Car and Commercial vehicle market report of last 10 years trend, China, Brazil, Russia and India

BRICs Automotive market report from 2005 to 2015

In BRICs countries and within BRICs except China; India, Brazil and Russia lost their market share in 2015 compare to 2005. Russia, Brazil and India respectively lost 12%, 8%, 3% market share. China gained 23% market share among BRIC countries. Russia and Brazil lost drastically their grip in Auto industry.

BRICs countries Automobile Industry Market share analysis 2015

BRIC country market share:

BRICs countries Automobile Industry Market share track 2015

China became stronger among Global Auto and within BRICs countries.

China Total Auto Sales

China PV and CV segment sales increased since 2005.

China Car Sales Trend 2005 to 2015China car sales increased from 4 million to 21 million in last 10 years.

Indian Car Sales Analysis trend:

Indian car sales trend analysisIndia car sales increased from 1 to 3 million since 2005.

Brazil car sales Analysis:

Brazil Car sales trendBrazil market is going thru difficult phase and its sales is going down.

Russia car Market Sales Trend:

Russia car market analysis Trend

Commercial vehicle Segment Analysis:


China CV sales TrendChina CV Industry has seen tremendous growth and market size increased by around 2 times.

Indian CV Sales Trend analysisIndian CV Industry sales increased from 334 thousand to 653 thousand.

Brazil CV Market:

Brazil CV market sales trendBrazil CV market showed de growth since 2013. It is the result of Govt policies, Emission norms, Financial problems and overall market sentiments.

Russia CV Sales Trend:

Russia CV Market Sales TrendRussian CV market is very volatile and it is facing tought phase of political and Financial issues.

Source: ACG data bank

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