Global Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Market size and Forecast Strategy Analysis and Challenges of EV and HV vehicles

Around 70 million cars and Commercial vehicles are produced in 2014 worldwide. Majority of vehicles are running on Diesel fuel. To protect environment, Electric and Hybrid vehicle might play major role to reduce pollution and keep clean environment. Some major markets like USA, China, India and Europe start to make blue print to promote Electric and Hybrid vehicles. Despite awareness of these vehicles, electric and hybrid cars has not yet noted market share in any of the major auto markets — USA, India,  Europe and China — which are largest auto markets.

Some challenges need to focus to make it attractive for mass market like high costs (But try to make it with low TCO for long term), limited driving distance, Charging times, charging infrastructure, and battery maintenance issues are major issued faced by Industry and target segment. Most  of them are already started to improve by stake holders.

– ACG is expecting that with time, battery maintenance cost will come down around 15-20%, Tesla is already working to reduce its cost.

– After entering of Apple into Electric car, some innovation are expected to make it mass market products even in emerging countries.

– For limited driving range would also increase from 150KM to more than 200KM, Govt are also started to give subsidiary to make charging points infrastructure for Electric vehicles. Promoting alternatives fuel vehicles.

– Hybrid vehicle are compatible alternative of Electric vehicle for atleast next 20 years.

Norway is a small players in World Auto market but it registered more than 18,000 units of Electric and more than 10,000 units of hybrid in 2014. UK, France, Netherlands and Germany are top players in hybrid vehicles segment.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle analysis reportIn our latest report we have covered country wise price and market forecast also.

Electric vehicles Country wise market analysis:

Electric vehicles

Norway, France and Germany are top countries for Electric vehicles.

Hybrid Vehicles:

Hybrid Vehicles Analysis

UK, France and Netherlands are the top three countries for Hybrid vehicle or top three biggest markets.

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