Indian Automobile Brand Strategy Report

Publish Date : August, 2022

What is a Brand and how is it relevant for the Indian Car Industry, Dealers, Buyers, Company Growth, Market Share, Product Portfolio, Revenue, and most importantly Profit? The Mini was never profitable but after adding BMW’s name to Mini it started to make a profit. A Trusted brand is a long-term tool for growing the Car OEMs profitably.

One of the best examples of a brand is the Mini. This car is worth Euro ~ €23,000 in functional value but sold for ~ €33,000 in Germany. The willingness to pay is significantly high due to its brand image. The Mini normally does not offer any discounts to prospective customers, The Mini is one of the best examples of both intangible and tangible qualities. Since it is associated with the BMW brand, it promises Quality, reliability, power, and road-holding performance. The Aesthetic look and design get the attention of anyone on the street just like Tata Harrier.

Indian Car Brand Strategy and its impact

How brand Loyalty is the new key parameter for the Indian Passenger vehicles Industry compared to any other brand attributes like Brand awareness, or bargain loyalty. It’s a new growth engine.

How Tata Motors’ brand strategy created a success story for the company. How a brand is different compared to 2015.

ACG released a report on Indian Car Industry Branding Strategy and its impact on all stakeholders. We covered Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata Motors, Mahindra, Toyota, Volkswagen, Renault, Citroen, Skoda, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedez, Volvo,  Kia, MG, and Honda cars. This report is a game changer for many Businesses.

We have covered the following points in our latest report:

  • Branding Strategy of Car OEMs
  • Current and previous Brand Position of OEMs in the Indian Market
  • What were the big Brand mistakes Volkswagen done in India
  • Company-centric and Customer-centric Brand Strategy
  • Impact of brand strategy on the Indian Car Industry
  • How to design a brand campaign in India
  • How do Indian customers think and perceive brand on Functional parameters and emotional side
  • What are the key ingredients of Brand Strategy and how to mix them to get the desired result
  • How to design the brand strategy: Target Customers, Competitors, Similarities, Differences, Relevance, and Deliverability
  • Strong Brand Analysis and how to build in every segment of the Indian Car Industry – Entry level, Premium, Luxury, High End, and Electric Car
  • Relationship between Car, SUV, MUV (Product), and Brand image
  • Brand Identity and Brand image (For customers)
  • The connection between the business and the brand strategy
  • Types of Brand Intangible associations: User profile, Psychographic mindset-based, Personality, and Heritage
  • Pricing Strategy and mapping with brand association with OEMs and Customers
  • Brand identity and Brand Image
  • Why Brand Experiences matter
  • Digital brand experience
  • Designing Brand Experience
  • Signature pricing
  • Brand practices and Engagement
  • Brand Metrics and Returns
  • Brand Design and Delivery
  • Connecting Dots
  • Brand Portfolio Management
  • Brand Practices
  • The Six A’s of Brand Engagement
  • The ABCs of behavior change
  • Brand health
  • Internal Brand Health
  • Customer-based brand equity
  • Brand Value – different understanding
  • Brand Perception, Image, and Strategy for Rural and Urban India
  • 5 Tenets of Brand Building
  • How to measure Consumer based brand equity
  • Case Study: Tata Motors, Kia, VW, and Mahindra

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