Electric Vehicle Brand Strategy Blue print

Publish Date : September, 2022

Branding of Electric vehicles can change the game of EV Sales. Currently, there is no brand name that influences buyer’s decisions just with their “Brand Name”. There are no OEMs at the core of customer’s minds in Electric vehicles except Tesla. This is the opportunity for all players wanting to become EV synonyms.

The Brand Strategy of Electric vehicles (EV) increases the OEMs’ profit by up to 5 to 10 times.

As per our survey on Brand Strategy, we found that the customer’s mind does not have any brand name image that comes first in their buying decision. ACG helps OEMs to create Brand Strategy which matches Product Portfolio, Target Customers, Market, Future predictions, and Customer expectations.

This is important to manage the Emotional and Functional needs of the potential EV buyer expectations.

We support Europe, the USA, Canada, Middle East, India, China, and Africa. The Key highlights of our Brand Strategy Consulting Service:

  • Developing the brand name
  • Develop Brand system
  • Branding process and roadmap
  • Why do you need a brand
  • How can you stand out
  • Brand management techniques
  • Brand promise touchpoints
  • Connect the brand to product and service design
  • Creating the Brand book with macro details
  • How Brand can influence the market
  • How to increase the brand value
  • Identifying the core values of your brand
  • What are the Brand Drivers and how to create them
  • Designing your brand architecture
  • Position the Brand
  • Engaging with customers
  • Identifying your customers, their beliefs, Culture, and Expectations
  • What promise and the value proposition
  • Communicate brand in Digital and Social Media
  • Understanding the brand performance and how to measure it
  • Managing brand equity
  • Evaluate Brand visuals and language
  • Branding through storytelling
  • Brand responsibility
  • Brand Loyalty measure tool and its impact
  • Who are the brand promoters, what impact, and their role

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