Annual Market Research Reports is a monthly subscription-based service that covers all Automotive segments including Electric Vehicle.

At ACG, we pride ourselves in delivering the most precise and analytical points of focus of the Automobile Industry included Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis. In addition to providing intensive critical analysis, we also pertain to offering valuable information on the Automobile Industry in both the Indian and Global markets.

Indian Automotive Annual Subscription Research report

Often, one is clouded by personal bias and information gained from a multitude of sources which tend to be varied and confusing. Hence, it is highly beneficial to the company to rely on a group that already has all the statistical information pertaining to the industry.

Indian Automotive Annual Subscription Research report Analysis

Our reports are broadcast monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly, and Yearly. These reports are launched on a cumulative basis and provide a new angle of looking at the data obtained from various industries and graphical representations of their observations.

All the data received from various sources are researched exclusively, shining a new light on them to reveal information that is not obvious and more often than not, gets overlooked.

Annual Automotive Market Analysis Subscription

The Analysis is available in 3 forms:

  • Monthly Data in Excel and our Analytic Software
  • Report form in PDF with Qualitative analysis

There are Two Options available for Annual Subscription Package:

  1. ACG Standard Package
  2. Customize Subscription option

ACG Automotive Subscription Dashboard

Our process of researching undergoes a concerted analysis of all available data and graphs. To ease up this process, the entire cycle is concatenated into individual segments, so a wider panoramic view of the scenario is understood and analyzed. The individual segments which undergo an exhaustive perusal of the data are:

The segment included in Annual Subscription:

  • Passenger vehicles: Cars | MUV & SUV | Van
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Truck
  • Bus
  • Two Wheeler
  • Three Wheeler

The above process incorporates facts and figures obtained from various sources. To ensure accuracy and avoid the ambiguity of the final figures, we at Autobei Consulting Group check our sources and also obtain data from a multitude of segments, some of which include:

  • Sales
  • Production
  • Export
  • Export
  • Market Trend
  • Segment & Sub-Segment Trend
  • Competitor Analysis
  • New Business Strategy
  • Category
  • Sub-segment
  • Product Position
  • Pricing Analysis
  • After-sales
  • Network information
  • Macro Economy and Key Economy Indicators
  • Latest Updates
  • Forecast
  • Global Automotive Industry reports
  • Brand Strategy

Each one of these segments helps to provide greater insight and more unambiguous data. Each segment plays a key role in strategizing the analysis and providing a form for the representation of data. By dividing the work among such a plethora of resources will also make sure that no segment is overlooked or not taken into account. All possible scenarios, segments, and points of view are investigated and researched thoroughly.

The depth of analysis and balancing out various aspects of the scenario just gives all the more reason for Indian and Global OEMs, Suppliers, Financers, Dealers and various other major stakeholders of the Industry to opt for an Annual Subscription. This would be highly beneficial for the Industry and aid in providing an overall view of the different statistics of the year.

We at ACG specialize almost exclusively on the Automobile Industry, making our premium reports stand out from the status quo, exhibiting its excellence. In addition, we are one of the pioneers of the special and niche Automotive market segment.


One of the major criteria that industries normally look for in a consulting group is the freedom to customize, which is available at the whims and fancies of the aforementioned industry. Free customization is provided, abetting deep-dive researchers on a desired geographical location, application, market, technology or company.

As a consulting group, we not only work outside your company, we work as an extension of your team, being a crucial part of co-presentations, co-primaries, number crunching, and co-analysis. Our analysts work endlessly to meet your expectations and final objectives, being a part of your team.

The fine balance between personalization assessment and analysis is struck to perfection, with our extensively researched impact assessment, passionate and dedicated analysis support team and competitive intelligence. According to the requirements of your company/role, these needs are varied.

One of our major stronghold foundations is the methodology that we have adopted. The data analysis and interpretation is the most important and critical part of the project.

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