Tata Motors Business Review & Product Strategy Product Portfolio, Business planning and technology Analysis of Commercial & Passenger Vehicle

Tata Product product portfolio and sales trend

After sales is the backbone of automobile Industry at any part of the world. Tata is having one of the most largest dealer and workshop network in India. Independent mechanics are also available at every corner of the country. In Brand awareness also it is leading known brand for every Indian. If you throw some light at product range and product portfolio, it gives strong competition to other players of the same segment OEMs in Commercial vehicle segment.

  • Product Strategy forecast
  • Technology
  • Branding
  • Promotion strategy

Tata Car and commercial vehicle product

In this Business Review and Strategy we will analyse every corner of the company. There is separate analysis Report on "Product Life cycle and Business planning"

tata motors Business review & Strategy analysis


Everything look great then why Tata Motors struggling in the market to gain or even maintain its current or earlier position. Did you think about product value proposition or its new segment entrance? The company sales affected due to in mainly three reasons, first its traditional segment started to face tough competition & company could not react as fast as it should, its new segment is having different brand perception for premium product, Could not penetrate ooverseas market entry & delay to adopt latest technology.

Product life cycle and Development cycle strategy is the key for any product in Automobile Industry. If you position the product at any point, yo would have a complete information on product, sales, launching time, Re launching time, Face out time, Product features, price, Segment , Cash flow, Profit, Revenue and other factors.

Car segment:

Tata car product portfolio

Tata Motors create the  USP of few of its models. Its recent launched models Tata Bolt and Zest could not perform as per expectation due to value proposition what other competitors are offering. Product life, Comfort, Safety, Price, Repair and Maintenance cost, resale value, Brand value and customer preference parameters.

Tata suv mauv product range

One time, Tata was market leader in SUV/MUV segment but now its struggling due to no new suitable products. It is failure of company strategy to forecast market trend and competitor scenario in coming up years specailly when India decided to go with open economy option. It is expected that new SUV which is coming on land Rover plateform will create some good space in this segment.

Truck Range:

Tata truck product portfolio

In truck segment, Tata is still market leader. This is complete different game compare to Passenger vehicle. The Prima launched did not not work out to enter into Premium segment category due to TCO and brand perception. This is again failure of company strategy to go with heavy promotion instead of product development and spend in R&D. A per our survey people would start to consider the brand while purchasing new truck but it does not play major role in final decision. Just to consider for short list, Tata do not need to spend heavy amount on promotion.

Tata Bus range

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