European Electric Truck Product Strategy Report

Publish Date : September, 2021

The Report is having five major elements:

  • Electric Truck Product Management
  • E Truck Pricing
  • E Truck brand perception (Established brands like Daimler Vs new brands like Arrival, Volta Truck, New players Hyundai)
  • Customer Analytics, Target Segment – Including customer, Fleet survey, Mind Mapping
  • Outlook

Key highlights of the report:

Create Blueprint for new Electric Truck (BEV and FCEV) Product Strategy:

  • How to choose product Strategy for HDT. MDT, and LDT segment – Short, Medium, and Long term plan
  • Current and Future of Competitive product landscape
  • Launch Models and variants – Application wise Demand Analysis and its suitability
  • Action Plan for Introduction Stage, Growth Strategy, Maturity Stage, and Decline Stage
  • Identification of business opportunities for all stakeholders
  • Benchmarking analysis of  competitor vehicles
  • eTruck Product standardization versus customization in the European and global market
  • How to bring eTruck to the Market
  • Most suitable Electric Truck Application
  • Correlation Analytics among Brand, Features, and Technical Specs
  • Implement the product strategy on the ground and review it
  • eTruck Product Lifecycle Management – Technology and Applications
  • Established and Startups Brand extension strategy
  • OEMs Organization and vehicle testing Analysis of technical specs, features, and costs analysis of competitor eTruck and key suppliers
  • GVW wise Product Position & repositioning strategy
  • Product standardization versus customization in the global market
  • New Product launch plan, segment, price, performance, and its impact on overall Electric Truck market
  • Product Technology updates on a regular basis
  • Charging Infrastructure, Impact of regulations and legislation, In-depth perspective on EV component cost and performance analysis (e.g. batteries, e-motors, power electronics)

eTruck Pricing Strategy:

  • How to measure  and Justify the price of Electric trucks – Down payment Vs TCO
  • How Potential eTruck buyers think and understand the Electric Truck
  • Buyers Pricing Psychology Analysis
  • Measuring the pricing of New brands like Volta Trucks, Arrival, Volvo, Daimler, MAN, Iveco, and others
  • Leasing and Rental Business Model
  • Electric truck Application wise pricing Analysis

Customer Analytics:

  • Customers segment response – Small, Medium, Large and Corporate (Based on Survey)
  • How they are considering the Electric Truck for their Business
  • What are the key criteria to buy the eTruck and
  • Customer buying mapping in Europe for Electric Truck
  • What customers have a perception about Volta Trucks, Arrival, Volvo, Hyundai, Daimler, MAN, and other manufacturers
  • Electric Truck Business Model for small to Corporate logistic companies

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