Automotive Aftermarket Data and Report

Publish Date : September, 2021

Automotive Aftermarket Data and Report is a combination of Data, Dynamic Dashboard, and Reports. Our Indian Automobile Vehicle Parc Data also helps companies to create After-sales Strategies.

Segment – Truck, Bus, Two Wheeler, Car, and Three Wheeler

  • Competitive Analysis of after service – Free service, Paid service, Oil Change interval,  Spare Parts price, and Availability, Life span Analysis,  Customer satisfaction, Service center penetration, and Customer reach
  • Labor per vehicle
  • Parts consumption per vehicle
  • Lube oil – Gera box and Engine Oil
  • Consumption of  level of Preventative maintenance parts
  • Counter Sales Vs Own consumption
  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Customer expectation prices are on par with nongenuine parts available in the market
  • Quality comparison OE parts with aftermarket parts
  • Customer Expectation – Price,  Expected lifespan of the parts, Overall Customer expectations, Express Service option
  • Transparency issue and its impact
  • Digital Marketing Promotion Strategy
  • Innovation strategy to achieve extra revenue generation
  • Introduction of the rating system in After sales and its impact
  • An annual maintenance contract (AMC)
  • Insurance rate of client settlement for Accidental vehicle

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