European Electric Truck Market Assessment and Outlook

Publish Date : July, 2021

ACG is going to release the European Electric Truck Market Assessment and Outlook Report focus on Product, Customers,  Segment, Competitive Analysis, Sales & Branding Strategy.

Key Highlights of the report:

Market Assessment:

  • The Global Electric Truck and Fuel Cell Technology Market overview – Market size and Outlook – Short, Medium, and Long term
  • European Electric and Fuel Cell Technology Truck market assessment – Trend and Forecast
  • Transportation system and suitability of E-truck
  • Market Challenges and key growth drivers
  • E- Truck Business Model
  • Entry Strategy into Electric Truck segment – Country-wise Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis – Mercedes Benz, Volvo, MAN, Scania, Volta Trucks, Arrival, Iveco, DAF
  • Local Government policies and regulations impact Analysis

Product Portfolio and Strategy:

  • Electric Truck Product position – Price, Key specs, Features, Charging Range, Battery size, and Charging time
  • Electric Truck USP Analysis
  • GVW  and vehicle Type wise best Suitable application – Logistic, E-commerce, Last-mile delivery, Construction, Mining, and Long Haul
  • TCO Analysis – Model and Application wise product suitability
  • Detailed pricing Analytics and Different business cases
  • E-Truck Segment Share Forecast – Country wise
  • Battery Supply and technology to increase the range
  • Recycling of Battery

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Customer Analytics:

  • Customer needs and Demand Analysis
  • Customer mind mapping decision journey
  • Potential and existing customers expectations
  • Market Demand and fit analytics
  • How to handle the price issue with customers

Charging Infrastructure:

  • How to built Charging infrastructure and points to cover maximum charging points
  • Key strategic points to set up charging points in Europe
  • Inter and Intra Truck Applications
  • Duty Cycle Analysis
  • Infrastructure charging point cost analysis

E-Truck Sales Strategy:

  • Create the Sales Tools specialty for Electric Truck
  • Digital Sales Strategy and how to implement it
  • Channel Sales  Strategy

Brand Strategy:

  • How does Brand perception make an impact on E Truck Sales
  • How to create a brand image that impacts your target customer segment
  • Creating brand architecture for establishing and new players in Electric Truck foray
  • How does brand image balance the high price of the E truck

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