Global Electric Vehicle Market Analytics Subscription Report

Publish Date : September, 2021

Electric Vehicle Trends and developments Monthly Subscription is our exclusive service to track Electric Vehicle Industry. It is one of the most exciting works to track EV trends and development.  ACG Electric vehicle Yearly Subscription provides you a Strategic & clear perspective on global EV markets and the disruptive technologies driving the transition to a low-carbon economy. This is one of the most dynamic verticals of the Automotive Industry. We cover the following key areas:

  • 50 Plus markets – Europe, Asia, Africa, NAFTA, and RoW
  • Monthly Updates
  • Market forecasts
  • Battery Data
  • Charging station Data
  • The Market survey
  • Sales Volume
  • Market Share
  • EV Product Analysis
  • Growth Analysis
  • New Innovation
  • EV Component Analysis
  • JV updates

Electric Vehicle Monthly Report Subscription ACG

The following points are part of the Monthly subscription report:

  • Electric Car, truck and Bus Market Assessment, New Developments, and latest updates
  • Most Suitable Cities level market Assessment for different kinds of vehicles
  • New Model launches tracking with their Product position (Battery, Charging time, Range, Price, Features)and customer feedback
  • Sales Strategy – Conventional vs Digital
  • Marketing Campaign Analysis
  • Charging Infrastructure development and requirement
  • Model and Brand wise Sales Analysis
  • Startups in EV segment – Solution, Service, and Products
  • Customer purchase behavior change tracking – Quarterly Customer survey
  • EV Brand Strategy and role of brand perception to influence the customer purchase decision
  • Government regulation (Emission, Subsidy, R&D policy, Tax, Registration fees, etc )and impact on EV Industry
  • Financial Institutes  initiative
  • Battery Technology  and Pricing updates
  • Digital Technology innovation for Electric vehicle
  • EV OEMs Strategy Analysis

EV Segment covers in Subscription:

  • Electric Two-Wheeler – Scooter and Motorcycle
  • Electric Three-Wheeler – Goods and passenger
  • Electric Car – Taxi, Corporate Fleet,  and Personal vehicle
  • Electric Bus – Application wise
  • Electric Truck – GVW and Application wise

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