Market Assessment of Electric Buses for Airport

Publish Date : January, 2022

ACG released the latest study on Market Assessment of Electric Buses for Indian Airport. We have identified the key Airports in India for launching the Electric Buses and market potential for the next 5 years.

Market Assessment of Electric Buses for Airport

The key highlights of the Report:

  • The total market size of Airport buses
  • Opportunities and Challenges Analysis
  • The current market size of each Airport bus in India
  • Market share of Electric buses at Airports in India
  • The potential market size of Electric buses
  • Top Airports for Electric Buses
  • Electrification plan of Indian Airports
  • The typical life cycle of buses at the airport
  • How airports authorities, Airlines, and Ground handling companies procure the buses
  • Defined the different applications of Buses at Airport
  • How tender process works at the airport
  • What is the requirement to deploy buses at the airport
  • Current product portfolio and their specification

We have several reports and a Database for Electric Bus Market Strategy

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