Customer Analytics – Electric Vehicle

Publish Date : July, 2021

Key Highlights of the “Customer Analytics – Electric Vehicle” Report:

  • Descriptive Analytics-Exploratory, Description, and Causal Research
  • Try to understand the potential buyers of EV
  • Level of customer satisfaction and reliability Analytics
  • What is a “Customer Satisfaction” and “Customer Delight” for EV?
  • Create Customer mind mapping of Electric Vehicle and Charging infrastructure
  • Define the customer’s segment based on different relevant parameters
    Current user of Electric Vehicle– Application of vehicle, their overall experience for EV, and feedback to improve the experience.
  • Survey Geography: Metro Cities, Tier1 and Tier 2 Cities, Towns, and villages (close to the cities)
  • How customer preferences are changing towards Electric vehicles?
  • How many customers are ready to pay for Electric vehicles – with different combinations of offerings?
  • How brand and brand perceptions are influencing buyer’s decisions for every segment?
  • What are the 5 top expectations from customers to buy EVs?
  • Based on Survey – How customers are comparing EVs with IC vehicles?
  • What are the ideal product specs, features, Price, and other attributes of each vehicle
  • Best uses or Applications of Electric Vehicle – Electric Two-Wheeler, Electric Car, Electric Bus, Electric Light Commercial vehicle, Electric Three-Wheeler, and Electric Truck

How this survey help companies to make the blueprint for EV Strategy:

  • To Create Product Portfolio and Management
  • Future Prediction
  • Factors that influence or change the demand for your products
  • EV Price point for each segment
  • Sales Strategy
  • Advertising Budget and define the theme
  • Entry Strategy
  • How to target the segment and its market size
  • Competitor insight


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