Indian Electric Truck Market Assessment

Publish Date : June, 2021

The Indian Electric Truck Market Assessment Study is divided into 5 key categories- Mini Truck, Pick up Truck, Light Duty Truck, Medium Duty Truck, Heavy Duty Truck

The Study gives the answer to the following question:

  • How to enter into Electric Truck Market?
  • How profitable is an electric truck compared to a diesel model?
  • What could be the Market share of eTruck in India?
  • How to find Customer Segments?
  • What are expected the Specs, Features, and Price of the vehicle?
  • Sales Forecast  – Short, medium, and Long term?
  • What are the Key advantages to promote etruck in India for OEMs, Dealers, Suppliers, Customers, Financial firms, and other Industries
  • Actual TCO Analysis and compared with Diesel models?
  • Electric Truck life cycle and cost analysis?
  • Is etruck a profitable option?
  • How do OEMs need to invest to create a complete eTruck logistic solution?
  • How do Electric trucks impact OEM’s brand perception and image?

Key Highlights of the report:

  • Introduction of Electric Vehicle – Market, Technology, and Key components
  • Sub Segment: Rigid Haulage, Tipper, and Tractor-Trailer and CAGR forecast for next 20 years
  • Indian Electric Truck Market size – Volume & Value
  • Market Opportunities for battery electric vehicles (BEV) and electric vehicles using fuel cell technology (FCEV)
  • Driving force behind the growth of eTruck in India
  • What are the advantages of Electric Truck compared to Fossil Fuel
  • What kind of Electric truck can be offered  for various applications and customer segments
  • Battery life, Type of Battery, Battery life, expected uses of battery after life cycle, Battery capacity requirement different segment types of Electric Trucks
  • How Charging Infrastructure works for eTruck  – Location, Charging time (AC, DC, fast, and Slow), and optimize the charging time
  • Key features of Electric Trucks for Drivers, Fleet owners, and Logistic companies
  • Route and Application wise Plan solution
  • The best suitable application Analysis for eTruck
  • Maintenance cost and frequency
  • The actual cost to fully charge electric trucks?
  • The workshop requires, and Staff Training
  • Driving experience and its impact on productivity
  • Uptime  of Electric Truck and its contribution to profit and customer satisfaction
  • Business Model of Electric Truck
  • The expected customer segment for eTruck, Purchase criteria, Customer buying mapping, Key buying issues, opportunities, and challenges
  • How to create eTruck package more attractive
  • Future of Heavy Electric Truck Market
  • Payback time analysis for each segment
  • What is the most cost-effective way to run an electric truck?
  • Servicing requirements of an electric truck?
  • Impact on Dealer revenue and OEMs Sales
  • State-level Electric Vehicle policy and its impact on the Truck segment
  • Payload Analysis suitability of eTruck

Additional Chapters of the report:

  • Feasibility Study of Electric Truck
  • Business Plan for different applications

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