Future of Chinese Automotive Industry in Global Market

Publish Date : August, 2021

Future of Chinese Automotive Industry in Global market is our latest study on its performance, presence, and potential market for Chinese OEMs. China even started to penetrate the European market by introducing Electric Buses.

Key highlights of the report:

  • Strategic Analysis of Automotive Segment,  Branding Strategy, and Pricing Analysis
  • Expected Sales, Production, Export volume, and Market share in Global Automotive segment in next 5 years
  • How last 10 years changed the Chinese Automotive Industry scenario
  • How Chinese Government policies helped manufacturers to adopt new technology from European, Japanese, and American OEMs
  • Key Challenges and Opportunities for Chinese OEMs
  • Chinese vehicle Product position and Strategy
  • How Electric Vehicle Shaping Chinese Automotive Industry in domestic and other regions
  • Top 10 Growing segments for short, medium, and long term time frame
  • How to change the brand perception of Chinese OEMs for different countries
  • The segment included – Commercial Vehicle, Truck, Tipper, Tractor Trailer, Rigid Haulage, Car, SUV, Bus, and Electric vehicle
  • The premium segment, Value Plus, and Entry-level mapping with the current offering
  • The market included – Asia, Africa (North, East, and South Africa), Europe, Latin America
  • Key countries for Chinese OEMs
  • Product Offering with focus on key features
  • Targeting customer segment by Chinese OEMs in each country
  • Entry Strategy for each country
  • Chinese vehicle Economy analysis
  • Customer survey about the experience of Chinese vehicles
  • Long term forecast for Chinese Automotive Industry
  • After Sales Strategy needs to be implemented by Chinese OEMs in China and other foreign countries

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