Global Master Electric Vehicle Data and Forecast

Publish Date : September, 2023

ACG Electric Mobility has released the Global Electric Vehicle Data. China, Europe, India, USA, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Rest of the world. The data gives insight into the Global Electric Vehicle. The Data is useful for Vehicle Manufacturers,  Component Manufacturers, and Consulting Firms,  Government for policy makers, Charging Infrastructure,  Electricity Planning organization, The data has been also categorised based on Vehicle Type:

  • Electric Passenger car
  • Electric Commercial vehicle – LDT, MDT, and HDT
  • Electric Bus
  • Electric Two Wheeler
  • Electric Three Wheeler

The following Data has been covered: Time Period – 2015 to 2030

  • Region-wise EV Sales from 2015 to 2030.
  • Global Annual Passenger Vehicle Sales (in Units) by Drivetrain – Battery Electric vehicle, PHEV, Fuel Cell, and ICE
  • Total Fleet by Drivetrain
  • Global Share of Annual Passenger Vehicle distance travelled by Drivetrain
  • Region (Global) wise Passenger Vehicle Fleet – China, Europe, US, India, Japan, Australia, South Korea, and RoW
  • Fleet Types: Annual Kilometres travelled by the passenger vehicle – Private Vehicle, Shared Vehicle, and Robotaxis
  • Region-wise Current Electric Bus Sales and Forecast
  • Combined Electric Two Wheeler and Three Wheeler Fleet

Vehicle Travelled by each segment and each region 

Global Electric Two-Wheeler Fleet Outlook

  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Pakistan
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
  • Europe
  • Japan
  • USA
  • South Korea
  • Australia

Commercial Vehicle Sales by Drivetrain – Light Commercial Vehicle, Medium Commercial Vehicle, and Heavy Commercial vehicle: Battery Electric, Fuel Cell, Diesel & gasoline, and Natural Gas

Global Share of New Vehicle Sales with different Autonomous level:

  • ADAS/Level 2+ Automation
  • Robotaxis/Level 4+ Automation
  • Limited Autonomy features

USA, Europe, and China Passenger Vehicle Sales by Drivetrain:

  • Battery
  • Plug in Hybrid
  • Fuel Cell
  • ICE

Fleet average fuel economy for New Vehicle Sales in China:

  • CAFC Target
  • CAFC Actual

Vehicle Distance Travelled by Drivetrain in China, USA, and Europe:

  • Battery Electric
  • Fuel Cell
  • ICE

Vehicle Price and Volume of Passenger Vehicle Sold in US:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • SUV

Total cost of Ownership of Medium ICEs and BEVs Cars in US and China

  • Types of Vehicle

Medium Segment BEV and ICE Pre Tax Prices (In USD) and share of battery cost in the US:

  • Vehicle
  • Power Train
  • Battery
  • Home Charger

Willingness to pay for EV at Different Price Point Data in Percentage:

  • USD 10.000 to 150.000

Plug-in -Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicle Sales:

Energy Split Required Battery Electric Vehicle:

  • Home Charger
  • Slow Charger
  • Fast Charger
  • Work/Depot  Day

Global Electricity Demand by Vehicle Type:

  • Private car
  • Shared
  • RoboTaxi

Share of US households by number of vehicles:

  • 0 to 3+

Long Term demographic shifts that will impact new Passenger Vehicle Sales:

  • Low
  • Lower Mid
  • Upper Mid
  • High

By Age Group: Population:

  • <15
  • 15 to 69
  • >69

Population Shift – Urban Vs Rural

The Data is available in Excel Sheet.

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