BRIC reduced to IC due to struggling markets Brazil Car,LCV, Truck and Bus Market Analysis

There was a time when all every one could talk about was the legend the BRICs had created, but recent times has seen struggling markets in both Russia and Brazil and their market growth is under tremendous pressure. BRIC has come to a point where only the IC part of it has sustained and the rest has gone underwater. Recent steps taken by Brazilian Govt to impose consumer tax on new vehicle rusted increased vehicle rice between 4.5 to7% ranges. Getting Auto loans is also getting difficult due to current economy scenario. Inflation is also on increased.

Brazil Auto Market Analysis


Brazil Auto Industry Analysis 2014

The car section has seen a unsteady trend in sales with just under 2,504,117 units sold in 2010. 2011 saw a whooping increase in sales which went down by a little in the following year and declined further more in 2013, but still managed to speed up and geared to a comfortable number in the year 2014.

LCVs on the other hand saw only slight changes in the years from 2010 to 2014 except for the year 2013 which saw a sales of only 53,033 units.

Trucks sales in 2010 was barely managing to breathe with 14,366 units sold. This figure sky rocketed in the next year to 190,962 units. This number came down by a smidgen the following year, and still managed to climb back up in the coming years.

Buses have seen very minute changes in sales over the years from 2010 to 2014. 2014 however saw a decrease in sales from 56,023 units sold in 2013 to a mere 4588 units sold the following year. 

Employees in Auto Industry

Due to job cuts by major OEM, number of employees in Auto Industry has significantly reduced. Workers union demonstrate against this job cut decision.

Iveco truck and bus sales in brazil 2014

The Graph reveals decrease in sales of Iveco Trucks & Buses from 2013 & 2014 .

Scania commercial vehicle sales in brazil 2014

A sharp decline in Scania's Trucks rather than buses.

Mercedes benz commercial vehicle sales 2014

There has not been much decline in Mercede's Trucks  & Buses sales from 2013 -2014.

MAN trcuk sales 2014

Above  graph for MAN'S trucks & buses reflects a moderate sales in Brazil.

Toyota car and lcv sales in brazil

There has been increase in sales of Car & LCV  in the year 2013-2014 .

Gm car sales in brazil

 GM's sales in  & LCV has experienced a decline too.

ford sales in brazil 2014

Ford has experienced the worst part for sales of LCV which has been on threshold of vanishing from market comparitive to its sales for Cars & Trucks in brazil.

Fiat Sales of car and lcv in brazil

Fiat's LCV's have seen a slight increase whereas Fiat's Cars sales are on decline mode for 2013-2014.

Peugeot car and lcv sales in brazil

Peugeot Citeron's Cars and LCV's sales has seen a decline too.

VW sales in brazil

Volkswagen experiences same as like other renowned brand for its sales for its Cars & LCV.

Brazil Auto Export

When we take an overview for Export of Car there has been steep decrease of it comparitive to LCV,Trucks and buses.

Brazil auto sales

Registration of Car,Buses,Trucks for 20154 has been on decline note whereas LCV has been stagnant.


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