TVS Motor Performance Study Report

Publish Date : April, 2019

TVS is one of the oldest two-wheeler manufacturing brand in our country. TVS has earned the fame of being one of the most trusted, reputed and respected brands based in south India. The very famous and popular TVS 50 mopeds and TVS XL still continue to exist in the Indian market. But on the other hand, the then competitors of TVs such as LUNA, Hero Majestic and Suvega vanished from the Indian Moped industry a long time back which clearly proves the strong foothold of TVs in the Indian two-wheeler market.  The most important reason for this success of TVS 50 is mainly because of its very quick initial pick up, good capacity to carry the load and a wide range of service networks.  TVS 50 has a very good brand image in the automobile market of our country especially in south India which is evident from the fact that almost every house has a TVS 50 moped.

TVS Motor Market share Analysis

The company has also continuously upgraded the product on a regular basis which has necessarily kept the competition at bay. In the process of constant up-gradation, the main modification that was done in the moped is the change from Dry clutch to Wet clutch along with the increase of the cubic capacity. At present, TVS has two of its products which are TVS XL Super and Jupiter. Both of these products from TVS lie within the top bestselling two-wheelers in India and is still going strong in the market.

TVS has a wide range of products starting from the economical segment to the premium ones, thereby catering to the need of almost all customers at its best. TVS lives up to the expectation of its customers by constantly upgrading its products by addressing the feedback from the customers. This is one of the major strengths of the company. The earlier model TVS 50 is currently upgraded to TVS XL Super which comes with a 4 stroke 100cc engine and kicks start but still, it continues with the centrifugal clutch wet type. All of the customers would have the feel of Moped that is non geared along with its superb initial pulling which is the main reason to why the customers do not feel the need of going for a geared Bike. There are many villages in India where the customers still find it difficult to handle the geared bikes and this is exactly where the TVS XL Super comes handy for those customers.

The Scooty is another of the very successful model from TVS which is quite popular among the female folks. This model has undergone several upgradations and finally, the Scooty Pep which has a 90cc engine is one of the largest selling models in this specific segment. After struggling a lot to get the desired volume with WEGO which is the auto gear 110cc 4 stroke scooter that TVS has brought in JUPITER by keeping the capacity of the engine same as WEGO. There was a very little overall change in looks of the model which is on par with Activa from Honda and it was very well received by the customers. When this model JUPITER has launched the model Activa from Honda was not quite easily available across which is why the customers had to wait for long. This is exactly where TVS has encashed the situation with the launch of JUPITER. Slowly and steadily, it gained a respectful share in the market in the specific segment.

The overall performance of these models is satisfactory but the maintenance has always been a concern.  For instance, the life of centrifugal clutch assembly which is a part of the automatic transmission is comparatively on the lower side. It has been observed that for every 8,000 to 10,000 kilometers, the complete set needs to be a replacement. On the other hand, the other models such as Honda Activa, Yamaha RayZ whose life span of the centrifugal clutch assembly is almost double. This is exactly what TVS needs to investigate for living up the expectation of its brand image.

Coming to the motorcycle segment, TVS has consistently been at par with the market share of Apache whose range of bikes begins with 160cc to the recently launched RR 310 cc. These bikes lie in the category of power as well as premium. Talking about the economic and commuter segment, the models such as Sports, Star City+, Victor and Radeon do a reasonably very good job that caters to the needs of almost all customers. All the mentioned models are developed in the house because of the strong R&D back up. The company with the tie-up with BMW several new inputs has come across thereby making all of the products of TVS to become readily enhanced and world-class in terms of technology.

The major reason behind the fact is that TVS necessarily keeps all its dealers happy. The dealers of TVS are one of the most profitable dealerships when compared with the other brand dealers keeping the volume same. TVS takes very good care of its dealers and at the same time, TVS keeps a close eye to ensure that each of the dealers is abiding by the vision, rules, and regulations of the company without any flaws. This clearly indicates that TVS not cares for the dealerships but also makes sure that none of the customers of TVS get a chance to complain about any of the dealerships.

Customer Satisfaction Index - TVS Motor

TVS has a dedicated team for customer satisfaction index. This team is readily available across all the dealerships where they sure to conduct effective monitoring services. This makes it quite clear to us there is hundred percent involvement of the executives of the company with the dealerships for effectively addressing customer satisfaction at its best. Now, there are a few cases where the involvement of the CSI team surpasses the limit which costs the working manpower at the dealerships. It happens several times, where the executives of the CSI team of the company directly force the dealer to sack the manpower which they feel are not performing up to the mark and they cannot provide what is expected from them. In these types of cases, the dealers usually obey the executives of TVS for the avoidance of any kind of unnecessary confrontation with the company. In this regard, the direct involvement of the company with the working manpower at the dealerships becomes a great issue which might have an overall negative impact on the company. This can be considered as a type of mental tension for all of the employees who are working at the dealerships which might impact negatively in terms of performance as well as attrition.

As TVS vigorously participates in the races, it certainly has a competition to attract the customers who are crazy about the bikes that perform.

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