How Volkswagen can win the Indian Car battle

Publish Date : December, 2021

Volkswagen is one of the leading car manufacturers and dominates many major markets in Car and SUV segment. In the majority of markets, VW cars and SUVs are known for mass-market products.

Volkswagen India roadmap to becoming the leading player in India:

Volkswagen India road map to become leading player in India

ACG is assisting OEMs, Automotive Suppliers, Dealers, EVs, and Financial institutes to write growth and success story in India, APAC, African, and the Middle East region. ACG Analytics has identified some major issues with VW strategy.

We diagnosis the VW issue from different angles and created the roadmap to be successful in Indian Car markets. Customers, Dealers, Product Analysis, and Competition analysis, and our recommendation are part of the study.

VW India Product and Market Mapping

Customer and Product Analytics to launch new products:

Our Product specs and Features matrix help OEMs to see the market fit and make it more appropriate to increase its sales and product acceptability. This is based on many key parameters like Price, Engine, Power, Customer & Product category.Volkswagen India Product Strategy and Segment Analysis

Key features of the Report:

  • Indian Car and SUV Market Assessment
  • The current status of VW
  • Volkswagen India Product acceptability and Position
  • VW roadmap to achieve significant market share in each segment
  • How to match its global product portfolio to fit into the Indian market
  • How to add value in VW product portfolio
  • VW target segment – their need and wants
  • VW growth plan for next 5 years
  • How to create milestones for the next 5 years
  • New definition to identify the closest competitor of VW on major parameters
  • The key challenge for Volkswagen India and Skoda
  • Opportunities for VW India
  • How to establish its foot in the Indian market
  • Dealer level Strategy
  • Brand and Product Review Strategy Analytics
  • VW After sales experience and expectations
  • Tata Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, and Ford, Car, and SUV Case study

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