Electric Vehicle Pricing Strategy Frame

Publish Date : November, 2021

Hight price of Electric vehicles is one of the key issues for buyers and OEMs. ACG has conducted a study on the Electric Vehicle Pricing Strategy frame which helps OEMs to frame the price of a product with added value. This strategy helps OMEs to justify the EV price and convince the potential buyers. This detailed report comes with a dynamic pricing metric that included a key variable to draw the price.

The report is based on 3 key points – What the customer wants, what is the cost, and competitors’ move.  We analyzed how these 3 components intersect and work together to determine optimal EV pricing strategy. The report is available for Electric Car, Electric Truck, Electric Bus, Electric Three-Wheeler, and Electric Two-Wheeler.

The key features of the report:

  • Define the customer segment based on EV price and value
  • 3 lenses pricing strategy
  • What are the important price variables – Brand perception, Quality, Charging infra, Charging time, Demand, Uniqueness, Competition, Market,  Customer’s  perspective of value, Scarcity,  and Availability
  • How to do pricing economy calculation
  • What is the Product value Drivers, and Non- Product value drivers
  • How to measure the customer willingness to pay with multiple options
  • Relation between price influencers and price variables – Matrix
  • How EV buyers perceive price and value for money
  • What will customers be ready to pay more for?
  • Choosing a different pricing model for your target segment and price discrimination
  • How the value drivers differ by the customer segment
  • EV OEMs need to differentiate their product and service offering to maximize value for your target customer segment and price accordingly
  • Determining your price elasticity
  • Justifying higher prices in a competitive market
  • Find the Ways to add value that boosts margins, not costs
  • Online Vs Channel sales partner (Dealers) and advantages
  • How to apply customer surplus to your business model
  • The new definition of the Customer value equation applicable to the EV segment – Technical, Functional, and Emotional
  • Draw the Price fences and how it works
  • Case Study: How Chinese EV OEMs are targeting customer segments in Europe

The report is available for India, Europe, and the USA

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