Electric Two Wheeler Market in India

Publish Date : February, 2020

In our latest Indian Electric Two-Wheeler Report, we have also included customer survey and feedback of existing users of Electric Two wheeler also. We have discovered many key findings in our qualitative analysis.  The after-sales revenue analysis of dealers also covered in this latest report.

Key Highlights of the report:

  • The current market size of Electric Indian Two Wheeler – Scooter and Motorcycle – Volume and value – Segment Share, Development, Growth analysis, and Demand Analysis
  • Market Key Drivers, Restraint, and challenges
  • OEMs sales Strategy Analysis of Electric scooters and Motorcycle
  • Trend and Forecast 2015 – 2030
  • Chinese OEMs entry Plan
  • TCO analysis with battery replacement cost
  • Roadmap for EV Two Wheeler
  • Entry and Business expansion Strategy
  • Major Cities and State for Electric Vehicle
  • Battery Analysis – Type, Charging capacity and time, changeable, Price, Suppliers, etc
  • Motor Placement type market size: Hub Type, and Chassis Mounted
  • Major players and Competitive Analysis – Price, Product Position, Product Portfolio, Brand Position, and customer segment
  • Why Non- core Automotive Players are popular
  • Business Opportunities for Electric two-wheeler manufactures and suppliers
  • Charging Infrastructure challenge
  • Charging infrastructure business case – Investment and ROI
  • State-wise Electric Vehicle Govt policies
  • Operating running analysis and comparison between Electric Two Weeler and ICE Two Wheeler
  • Vehicle and Customer mapping-  Customer Buyers segment of EV Scooter and Motorcycle, Customer satisfaction Analysis, Customer key motivation to adopt Electric Two-Wheeler, Customer expectation
  • Retail, and Corporate customers segmentation and their purchase criteria
  • Customer segment Group – Age-wise, running km wise, Income, City type (metro. Tier I, II, III, Rural) and lifestyle
  • GAP analysis
  • e scooter and e motorcycle Feasibility Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy for EV Two Wheeler
  • Electric Two-Wheeler costing analysis – Components, manufacturing, Channel sales partner, Manpower, Production Strategy
  • Conclusion

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