Indian Commercial Vehicle Trend and Outlook 2019

Publish Date : January, 2019

ACG analytics expects domestic commercial vehicle (CV) sales to rise ~22% in fiscal 2019.

The forecast is divided into Sales and Production (Goods & Passenger carrier) segment. The segment further divided into OEMs and Model level along with key technical specs and product features.

Indian commercial Vehicle Industry and outlook 2019

Major Industry Drivers are:

  • National road development
  • Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna
  • GDP growth
  • Some new pre-election announcement
  • The new product range of higher GVW/payload
  • E-commerce sector growth
  • Regulation

BS VI Norms impact on CV Industry:

  • BS VI impact on demand
  • The cost impact on vehicle
  • The function of SCR/DOC and DPF
  • Emission Control through Engine Design
  • Technology impact of BS VI
  • Other aggregate and cost impact
  • Global Strategy of using SCR and EGR for various Norms
  • Subsidiaries and tie-ups for after treatment
  • Supplier Market share
  • BS VI regulation and history of emission norms

Key highlights of the report:

  • Short-term demand
  • Medium Term Demand
  • Long-term demand
  • Competition Analysis & players Strategy Analysis
  • HCV demand Analysis
  • MCV demand Analysis
  • LCV demand Analysis
  • SCV demand Analysis
  • Bus demand Analysis – Application wise
  • Cost variables
  • Margin Analysis
  • Regulations Impact Analysis
  • Brand Position
  • Brand engagement
  • The relationship between Brand perception, and Application
  • Changing buyers behavior
  • Top purchase criteria
  • After sales – Maintenance cost Analysis
  • Forecast Value and Volumes
  • Vehicle type
  • Engine type
  • GVW wise
  • Transmission type
  • Fuel injection type
  • Vehicle Financing Type and issues
  • Import and Export Trend and Forecast
  • Model-wise Price and Discount Analysis
  • Product benchmarking and Product Portfolio
  • Customer Experience
  • Driver feedback on vehicle usage, USP and its best-suited application

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