Indian logistics Industry Outlook Report

Publish Date : January, 2019
After the implementation of GST, the logistics sector is expected to reduce the logistic cost and show excellent growth in the next 10 years. E-commerce Industry also plays one of the key drivers for the logistic Industry.
Many technology firms are trying to implement digital technology to improve the performance of the Transporters, Logistics companies, Customers experience, and other stakeholders. It is challenging to implement digital technology since the key stakeholders like drivers and Small & Medium Transporters are having some resistance to use it. Most of the transporters still following the traditional style of business.
Large fleet owners are either using the technology to improve the operation or ready to adopt it. ACG discussed with every type of fleet owner to know the pulse of this sector. The fleet owners are expecting not only online loading & unloading features, but they also like to control the expense management through the same platform. Until and unless all logistic companies and the end user will not be connected, it is not going to work. 
Once they have a revenue maker and cost control dashboard, the chances are high to start to use it. The digital platform needs to have an all cost related features like maintenance cost, fuel cost, payment terms and mode of payment, and another type of expenses.
In our detail study, we have covered the Fleet owner business model based on Small, Medium, and Large fleet owners, Drivers Analysis like Driving habits, and application of vehicles. Currently, more than 40% of trucks are not using its full load capacity from loading and unloading points. Getting return load is also an issue for transporters, however, it is improved in the last 3 years.
Key Highlight of the report:
  • Indian logistic sector overview
  • Indian logistic sector value forecast 2023
  • Major players
  • Key Challenges and Opportunities
  • Infrastructure development impact on logistic growth
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Future design of Warehouses and logistic companies
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