Automotive Spare parts Business Analysis

Publish Date : April, 2016

Spare parts of Car Truck Bus Two Wheeler and Three wheeler vehicles strategy

Automotive Spare parts Business Analysis is exclusive Research report. Spare parts Business analysis of Car, Truck, Bus, Commercial vehicle, Two Wheeler, Construction Equipment and Three Wheeler

Spare parts of Car Truck Bus Two Wheeler and Three wheeler vehicles strategy

  • District wise retail market for select spares
  • Retail demand across districts
  • Product flow/movement-feeder market, consumption markets
  • Market share by OME (brands), vendors, Unbranded and other (local)
  • Pricing structure, variables driving sales of unorganized, vendor products
  • Qualitative assessment of end customers and mechanics
  • Dealers/Retailer at clusters levels within districts
  • Assessment of retail demand of spare parts in each cluster, aggregated to district
  • Understanding business relationship with their existing principles and customers
  • Purchase process and sourcing practices – manufacturer vs Channel (other dealers)
  • Geography/territory being catered to (rationale any)
  • Marketing and selling practices
  • Assessing the competition structure, universe and in-depth analysis
  • Profiling select customers on their expectations and expectation
  • Product selection and purchase criteria: brand, price, quality etc
  • Key enablers for purchase products from their current brand, competition products and local brands (if applicable)
  • Perception of OEMs, local made products and fast selling brands in a given cluster-reason for preferences and choices
  • Future demand and qualitative assessment of opportunity
  • Potential analysis, how much of the market is addressed by OEM/ Local/Vendor and others
  • Channel sales analysis – Possibilities
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