Bus Fleet Owner and Bus body maker Database and Analysis report

Publish Date : May, 2016

This is most detail Bus fleet owner database and Analysis Report. The database and report give multiple level information about Bus Industry.

ACG is going to release latest version of  Bus owners and Bus body maker. It is unique data collection including major cities and all states India. This is first kind of database of  Bus fleet owners along with anaysis of BUS body makers. It give key information about these two vertical of Indian Bus Industry. We have included Customer name, Customer profile, Company name, Decision maker, Purchase manager/ contact number, Financiers details, City or location, Number of Buses, Planning to buy new Buses, Bus age, Workshop information, Maintenance practice, Product support strategy,  Prefer language, Media Influence – Newspaper | Magazine | TV, Digital| Off line| Others, education level of staff, Type wise portfolio- Inter city Bus | Intra city |School Bus |Staff Bus| Air port uses| Brand wise| Ambulance| Defence|Bus Age| Major routes|

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