Special Application Truck Analysis report

Publish Date : May, 2016

In India, the special application segment is growing gradually yet the right fitment items are unavailable. To be particular, defense and heavy oil transport items are absent. ACG has unraveled in its study that there is an incredible opportunity for development in this segment. We trust that, this period is a perfect time to begin the production of these items for their respective applications.

Special Application Truck Analysis Report

The trails left by Tatra Controversy have now given different OEMs a decent opportunity to penetrate into this segment. The Small trucks segment (up to 3t GVW) could have a considerable measure of regional opportunities. In the special application segment, product positioning is significantly an alternate process that has been clarified and regulated in our report. We have additionally included price components, after deals procedure and so forth. Disaster administration/salvage trucks are likewise drawing incredible interest in the Middle East and Africa, especially all-wheel drive. As indicated by subordinates from ACG's "Special vehicle Analysis Report", various buying procedure and arrangements are entirely not quite the same as mass business sector items. Having obviously clarified these aspects, our exploration report will help OEMs, as well as different sellers to tap the massive potential in this immature segment.

In this report we have additionally designed a custom technique to craft strategies for success, to carry out product life analysis and to stay informed regarding utilized truck issues and so on. We have broken down the special application segment and its sub segments in distinctive edges and accumulated a report under some basic parameters viz. brands, product examination and its position, innovation and so on. According to our report, none of the OEMs are presently in possession of such products which could fit in all sub segments.

MAN trucks are standing out in the special application trucks yet at the same time can't enter as much as they would have got a kick out of the chance because of a few reasons. On the off chance that MAN could restore its system for India, it can set up its brand specially in this segment. All brands of Volkswagen traveler segment in India are working under one rooftop and are having better synergy when contrasted with Scania and MAN. MAN and Scania need to meet up to investigate how their synergy could function to be fruitful in the present business sector. Comprehensively, Volvo had experienced a similar issue amid 2008-09 when their brands were contending with one another in the European and Asian markets. In our report we have additionally done sub segment market analysis and state wise item analysis. A few states are profitable and their industry is generally good for the special application segment. OEMs ought to basically enter those states. It is additionally recommended to note that there exists a fine crevice between every sub segment, development of such a product which could fit and fill this hole would in the end yield decent results.

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