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Mr Albert Kirchmann will be appointed Chairman Daimler Trucks Asia from Effective April 1, 2015,  He will play a key role in Daimler Truck Asia as a Chairman. He also play advisory role in Trucks Asia Executive Committee. To make Fuso leading brand in region, Mr Kirchmann contribution is excellent. He worked on cost structure and increased Fuso profitability.  He was also involved in Daimler's one of the key project BharatBenz project. Today BharaBenz is the one of the leading brand in India.

Marc Llistosella will new  Head of Fuso & BharatBenz Asia, currently responsible for Marketing, Sales & Aftersales Trucks Asia and Daimler India Commercial Vehicle (DICV). Mr Llistosella is one of the key person who is involved from begining of the BharatBenz project to make is successful in India. Currently he is leading Sales, Marketing & After sales-related  of Daimler Trucks Asia and overseeing DICV’s Indian operations. Mr  Erich Nesselhauf will continue to report directly to Marc Llistosella.

Michael Kamper will succeed Marc Llistosella as the new Head of Marketing, Sales & Customer Services Trucks Asia. Mr Kamper current leading  Marketing, Sales & Services for Mercedes-Benz Trucks United Kingdom since 2012. Previously he was responsible for International Key Account Management & Body-Builder at Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

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  1. Current Management strategy for Daimler India for Commercial vehicles will be very crucial in view of tough competition in terms of product up-gradation by Tata, AL & Volvo-Eicher, besides up-gradation on “after sales support” by existing players. Daimler India also need to cross the Break Even point ASAP, as they have initially tried to match the vehicle prices with existing players, rather than commanding premium for better brand & establishing the concept of value for money. This may also be a tough task for Daimler India now, as justification on higher prices at this stage may face stiff resistance from the market, which is highly price sensitive, besides the discount war, which is expected to continue by existing players. In my opinion, Daimler India, hence need to formulate a strategy for select organised market, focusing on specific segments, who are looking for better productivity & time bound project completion, rather than vehicle cost. Such approach may address both the issues related to pricing & volume and help them reach the Break Even point, at a rapid pace.

    Dinesh Chandra Upadhyay
    General Manager
    Hino Motors Sales India Pvt. Ltd

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