South Africa Car Market Analysis

Publish Date : October, 2019

ACG is going to release the African Car market analysis and forecast 2024. This is a detailed Market Assessment of the South Africa passenger car market.

The Key highlights of the report:

  • The South African Car market Size
  • Types: Sedan, Hatchback, SUV, and Luxury
  • Sales, Production, and Export Analysis
  • last 5-year trend and Short, Medium, and Long term Outlook
  • Chinese OEMs impact in the South African Market
  • European, Indian, and American OEM Strategy for South Africa
  • OEM Sales volume and market share
  • Car segment Analysis
  • Industry Drivers/Factors and Opportunities
  • Vehicle Price point
  • Purchase behavior Analysis – Digital and conventional
  • Top Models of each segment and OEMs
  • Product life cycle analysis
  • Customer mapping
  • New product launch strategy
  • Income level and car buying relation
  • Kep specs and features
  • Brand Perception of brands/OEMs
  • Country Analysis
  • Regulations Analysis
  • Passenger Car Product Strategy and position
  • Segment-wise Competitive Landscape
  • Key Macro Economy Analysis and Forecast

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