Electric Vehicle Market and Product Strategy

Publish Date : October, 2019

Electric Vehicle Market and Product Strategy for Electric Two-Wheeler, Electric Car, Electric Bus, and Electric Three Wheeler is a detailed study that combines quantitative and qualitative analysis. The report is prepared based on Desk Research and survey with more than 5,000 potential EV buyers of 25 cities.

Key Highlights of the report:

  • EV types and uses of the vehicle
  • EV latest Status and Industry updates
  • How EV Startups and existing players penetrate the market with their offering
  • How to create product strategy, planning, portfolio, and launching strategy
  • Map product portfolio with market Demand
  • Short, medium, and Long term demand analysis – EV and PHEV
  • Existing and upcoming new vehicle position, Specs, Features, Price, and customer feedback
  • Current Slow and fast charging infrastructure
  • Strategic location for charging station
  • How to design the product as per city requirement and application
  • What we would be the reasonable price for Electric vehicles?
  • Who would be involved to buy Electric Vehicle?
  • How to increase the value of the electric vehicle without reducing the price
  • What are the features buyers are looking in Electric car
  • How Brand position is playing a role to buy a new vehicle
  • How to present the benefits of Electric vehicle and map it with customer need or wants
  • Target Customer Analysis – What to offer and how to offer
  • How to make a Business plan for Electric Vehicle
  • How to EV performance measure by the buyers
  • How to create awareness about EV
  • How to design the campaign and set the objective
  • What is the impact of Govt policies on Electric vehicle sales
  • Major players in Electric vehicle – Two Wheeler, Car, Bus, and Three Wheeler
  • EV cost component Analysis
  • Channel Sales Strategy
  • Operating cost analysis
  • Case study – Mahindra EV and Tesla

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