Indian CV Air Suspension Market Forecast

Publish Date : January, 2019

Indian CV Air Suspension Market Forecast is our qualitative and quantitative report.

The comfort level is the most important and prioritized checkpoint taken into consideration by the customers as a major factor before purchasing a vehicle. The primary function of an automotive air suspension system is to increase vehicle controlling aspects and the comfort level to the passengers. The air suspension system enhances the comfort by protecting passengers from road disturbances and sudden shocks. Vehicle control is achieved by preventing the body of the vehicle from rolling and pitching and maintaining better contact between the tire and the road. A good suspension system can help to maximize the traction between tires and road surface, provide steering stability which will improve vehicle control, and enable better handling. The air suspension system is employed in vehicles to ensure better and improved comfort level for the passengers and it will also help to maintain the vehicle height at the desired level from the road during the travel. The ever-growing demand for luxury and comfort drives the growth and improvement of the air suspension market.

Air suspension systems will essentially replace a vehicle’s coil springs with air springs. The air springs are simple tough rubber and plastic bags inflated to a certain pressure level and height to mimic the coil springs. These air springs can withstand better shock load when compared to coil springs. By adding in an onboard air compressor, sensors and electronic controls, today’s air suspension systems provide several advantages over the all-metal, conventional springs, including near-instant tuning, and the ability to adapt handling to different situations and vary load capability. Early versions of air suspension systems were relatively simple and easy to maintain. Air bags replaced the coil springs. The bag is inflated to the correct pressure level or height with an outside compressor through a valve on the bag. The changes in technology implemented use of more components and these changes provided better control to the system. The air suspension systems currently manufactured all have a basic stock of similar components that vary little from maker to maker. The main differences come mainly in controls and in the method of installation.

The air suspension system in a motor vehicle is powered by an electric or engine is driven air pump or compressor. Air is filled into the air bellows/springs, made up of textile-reinforced rubber through the compressor pump. The air pressure is regulated to the manufacturer’s specified limits. Owing to the air pressure the bellows/air springs inflate and raise the chassis from an axle. The purpose of using an air suspension is to provide a smooth and improved ride comfort and quality to the travelers.

The non-electronically controlled air suspension systems currently dominate the global market, in terms of both value and volume of sale rate. However, the electronically controlled air suspension systems segment is the fastest growing globally, in terms of both value and volume when compared to the electrically controlled units. This rise in sale rate and acceptance of the product in the market is due to the electronically controlled air suspension systems are more advanced and provide better comfort with less maintenance when compared to the non-electronically controlled air suspension systems.

Systems and technology always keep evolving and improving and these developments will always pave the path for innovation of a new product or a new system. This improvised system will help improve the luxury level to the consumer. The client will have to keep up with the developments to be in the consumer’s list and for a better market place.

Key Highlights of the report:

  • Technology.
  • Market Dynamics.
  • Air suspension requirement in Trucks.
  • Disadvantages of Air suspension.
  • The necessity of Air suspension in TrucksThe necessity of Air suspension in Buses
  • Future Government norms for long distance Buses.
  • The global market for Air suspension.
  • Global Players.
  • Air suspension market in India.
  • Restraints for Market growth.
  • Air suspension Manufacturers in India.
  • Foreign suppliers
  • Cost of Air suspension and Conclusion.
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