Indian Commercial Vehicle Industry Trends & Outlook 2020

Publish Date : March, 2020

Indian Commercial Vehicle Industry Trends & Outlook 2020 is our most detailed report. The Indian Commercial Vehicle sector is facing a difficult phase. The emerging multiple factors are prone to bring in fiasco to the Indian automotive market in 2020. It’s regarded that the Indian Auto sector imports about 27% of the vehicles’ components from China.

Indian Commercial Vehicle Industry Trend and Outlook 2020

Due to the outbreak of COVID 19, there will be a serious impact on Automotive production. As a matter of fact, the Indian CV market was declined by 15% in CY 2019 compared to that of CY 2018. However, the CV segment registered a 31% degrowth when comparisons are made between Q1 CY 2018 and Q4 CY 2019. In the first quarter of CY 2020, there were some positive indicators symbolized the growth gradually but all of a sudden, COVID 19 boomed its power into the automotive market.

It is expected that the Indian GDP will be dropped to 5.2 in 2020. The outbreak of the Coronavirus has affected almost every sector like Restaurant, Aviation, Real Estate Pharmacy, and there goes an endless list.

Heavy Commercial Vehicles registered the highest degrowth rate around 60%, Medium Commercial Vehicle 37%, Light Commercial Vehicle 38%, and Small Commercial Vehicle registered 10% degrowth in CY 2019.

Our report focuses on outlook 2020 and forecast 2024 volume. All major stakeholders of the CV industry are revising the basics like Customer preference, segment shift trend, regulation changes, acceptance, and adoption of new technology and digitization; OEMs are optimizing the Product portfolio with the implementation of BS-VI.

Whatsoever the situation is, Indian Govt also announced to invest in developing infrastructure for the next 5 years. This will have a positive impact on some specific segments of the Indian CV market. To be precise, the Truck scrapping policy is another supportive measure taken by Govt.

Table of Content:

  • Executive Summary and Introduction
  • Macro Economy Analysis and its impact on CV Industry
  • Market Overview Key Points
  • Segmentation SCV, LCV, MCV, and HCV
  • Impact demand for regulation, Technology, GST and overall key changes
  • Keynotes of Indian Commercial Vehicles
  • Commercial Vehicle—Definitions of segment and sub-segments
  • Impact of Changing Market Dynamics of Indian Commercial Vehicles
  • Short Term, Medium Term, and Long Term forecast
  • Top Predictions for Indian Commercial Vehicle Market
  • CV Trend FY 2008 to FY 2020 and forecast FY 2025
  • Demand Forecast by Segment
  • Past Volumes for the last 10 years / Market Share evolution
  • Segmental movements  analysis and the reason behind it
  • Segmental shifts expected
  • Key Market Drivers and their level of impact on CV Industry growth
  • Future Volumes for segments/applications
  • Segment & Sub segment-wise Trend and Forecast
  • Brand wise Sales and Market share Analysis
  • How Macro Economic Factors Impacting CV Industry
  • How Introduction of BS-VI norms impacting the CV industry
  • PESTEL Analysis of the Indian Commercial Vehicle Market
  • SWOT Analysis of each Sub-segment and CV segment
  • Macroeconomic Trends Impacting the Commercial Vehicle Market in India
  • Technology Trends Impacting the Commercial Vehicle Market in India
  • How Logistics Landscape changing through Digitalization
  • Telematics Analysis in CVs: Fleet Management solution- Impact and Acceptance
  • Indian Electric Vehicles (EV) opportunities & Challenges for Commercial Vehicle segment
  • Electric Bus Market Analysis
  • Other CV segments
  • Regulation Impact
  • Role and acceptance of IoT and Big Data in Indian Commercial Vehicle Industry
  • Payload tonnage shift Truck
  • Operator Business Model in the CV Industry
  • Market Opportunities
  • Indian CV Technology Overview—Technological Progress, Latest Trends,
  • New Safety Norms Impact
  • Vehicle Buying criteria – SCV, LCV, MCV, and HCV
  • Legislative and Regulatory Scenario in the Indian CV Industry
  • GST Impact Analysis
  • Impact of Axle Load Regulation Analysis impact
  • Truck Body Code description and its impact Analysis
  • What is Vehicle Scrappage Policy, its impact – Commercial and environment
  • Other regulations
  • Logistics Industry Analysis
  • Indian Trucks— Application wise
  • Industry Structure—Goods Carrier
  • Application Split for Truck Industry (Mini, Pickup, LDT, MDT, and HDT)
  • Application and Sales Analysis based on GVW
  • Major Core Segments of Parcel Logistics
  • Heavy Machinery Industry
  • Construction Materials
  • Fruits, and Vegetables
  • Agriculture Transportation Products
  • Cement
  • Tankers and Bullets
  • Industrial Goods
  • Automotive Vehicle transportation
  • Mining Industry
  • OEM Landscape
  • Indian Commercial Vehicle Market Structure
  • Small Commercial Vehicle Segment – By units and Value
  • Light Commercial Vehicle Segment— By units and Value
  • Medium Commercial Vehicle Segment—By units and Value
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicle Segment—By units and Value (Rigid Haulage, and Tractor Trailer)
  • Bus Segment—Segment wise
  • OEM market share
  • Commercial Vehicle Market—Forecast and Trends
  • Growth Opportunity Analysis
  • Strategic Imperatives
  • Smart Cities Plan
  • Smart City Impact on CV segment
  • Urbanization Growth Analysis 2030

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