Pricing Trend Analysis of Bus

Publish Date : February, 2014

The following report entails an extensive analysis of the Bus Pricing Trends. It’s an exclusive intelligence report that analyses, weighs and explores trends in Bus Pricing. The trend analysis has shown that the price has been increased every year. The Small bus segment saw an increase in the price of the Tata Motor’s Winger from 30,000 INR to 50,000 INR. The hike in price however, depends majorly on product variants and model. The small bus segment of Tata Motors showed an increase in price ranging from a 3.77% to 13.15% increase translated in various models like the Winger, Magic and Venture with 47 variants in each of these models.

On the other hand, the Light Duty Bus segment of Tata Motors has seen an escalation in price in 2013 from 2011 and 2012, owing to a 2 to 10% increase during this time. However this increase was more pronounced in the years between 2011 and 2012 with a change of 10 to 17% in pricing.

In the case of Medium Duty Bus by Tata Motors, the price hike stood ground at 8 to 15% in the year 2012 and from 3 to15% in the subsequent year. There’s clearly been major price fluctuations in the small gap of a year, owing to the 80 or more variants of the Star bus & Star bus skool, LP Series, LPO Series and Tata City ride.

On the heavier side of things, the Heavy Duty Bus segment has seen a price ascent ranging from 3 to 11% increase on the 67 variants of the Bus models which include TARMAC coach, LP 1618, 1623, City bus and the CNG Buses.

Parallelly, in-depth analysis has been carried out for companies like Eicher, Ashok Leyland, SML Isuzu, Force Motors, Mahindra, Volvo and Mercedes Buses. The said report contains details of MRP Price, End customer price, Discount trends and it’s parameters, Dealer margin, Govt & Institutional sales, Labour charges of dealers, Local garage and Authorised Service centre and Price change of Bus of all the individual variants. The report also encompasses the emission norms. Additionally, it focusses on customer segmentation with variants differing in fitments like Air Brake, PTO, Special color, AC and Non AC. The difference between Euro II and Euro IV is priced at 75,000INR.

Apart from all this, this report includes the spare parts in both the Genuine and Secondary market to give the customer to an overview of the options he/she holds. Options and pricing are also contained in the report with respect to consumable parts like Air filter, Fuel filter, Oil filter, Water separator, Clutch plate, Engine parts, Electrical parts, Pressure plate, Oil seals, Brake cam, King Pin, Lube Filter etc.

This report also shines a spotlight on OEM pricing models, Competitive analyse and it’s forecast. We have included Tata Bus price, Ashok leyland Bus price, Eicher Bus price, SML Isuzu Bus price, Force Motors Price price, Volvo Bus Price, Scania Bus price, Mahindra Bus price.


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