Volkswagen India Future Strategy Analysis

Publish Date : April, 2016

Volkswagen product Strategy Analysis for Indian Market

Volkswagen India Future Strategy Analysis is our special report on Volkswagen India. One of the names that ring a clear bell in our minds when we say car manufacturers is Volkswagen. This company has made it's ultimate goal to stretch it's web across all expanses of the car manufacturers universe. However, the company with such a huge success in the overall global market struggles to keep it's head above Indian waters. Having made its appearance into the Indian market in the year 2009, it grew by an exemplar 1,500% by 2010. The company however has plummeted down and is slowly falling into the trenches since 2012-13. It's share in the market also dwindled from 3.88 to a mere 2.9%. Many questions have been asked that revolve around the reason for such a stark failure of this company in the Indian market. One answer that stands separate from it all is the company's technique involved in product strategising. The company needs to properly position the various products,ensuring a parallel alignment with other players of the respective segments in question.

Here at ACG, we have studied and analysed the trends and feel that the studies point to the company needing to find a private space in the market and create an attractive USP for all of its recent products. Further, ACG feels that Volkswagen need to show exponential growth and focus on almost every aspect of its business to result maximum sales for the company. When recent trends have been analysed along with product sales figures, they show that most OEMs have at least 1 to 3 products which impact maximum sales for the company. This particular analysis, namely the ABC analysis can be applied on OEMs from over 50 countries. This solidly proves the fact that merely entering a low cost segment will not provide the ticket to increased sales. The following detailed study covers Product strategy or portfolio, Branding, people perception, Brand recall, product USP, Competition, culture, After sales, Re sales value and  Buyers preferences.

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Volkswagen car Product strategy and position analysis

Price , Segment and Model Analysis:

Price , Segment and Model Analysis

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