Electric and hybrid Vehicle Feasibility report

Publish Date : June, 2019

The electric and hybrid Vehicle feasibility report is exclusive assistance which will help the clients to evaluate the market size, growth opportunity in the market, opportunities, risk, and expected problems in the electric vehicle business. ACG Strategy Consulting service is available for new players including foreign companies and existing players to create the base to launch their products in the market and to become successful.

The study will cover requirements, investment, ROI, product portfolio, product value proposition, product life cycle, risk assessment, and business cases. Two Wheeler Electric Vehicle, Three Wheeler Electric Vehicle, Electric bus, Electric Truck, and others.

Before taking the decision on “Go to Market”, ACG will prepare a detailed blueprint of the entire Electric vehicle Ecosystem. It will help the companies to prevent the losses and increase profit by identifying the key areas of the business as well as the proper requirements to be successful in the market. The analysis is based on either on the company’s strength or market demand and dynamics or by mapping the company’s strength to market dynamics.

Indian market is one of the largest growing automotive markets in the world. Government is encouraging to perforate electric vehicle by introducing FAME II, NEMMP, and other valuable schemes.

Indian market will have to set up the complete supply chain system in order to bring down the vehicle price. Currently, about 90 percent of parts are imported from other parts of the world. This import can reduce the profit margin as well as not help in developing the technology and the market.

Government schemes aimed at incentivizing the use of E- vehicles across all vehicle segments ranging from the two-wheeler segments to light commercial vehicles and bus sector. The electric vehicle segment development will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Development of technology
  • Create demand
  • Setup charging infrastructures

It is very crucial to make a detailed study of electric vehicle project feasibility. ACG will assist the companies to provide business solution for market assessment, competitive study, Projected Investment plan, the return of Investment, risk factors and business Cases.

ACG is the total answer for all the business queries for a successful business venture for the companies and brands located in India as well as abroad.

Key Highlights of the report:  Manufacturer and Auto Components

  • Feasibility on economy scale | Project cost | Financial Analysis
  • Operational level Feasibility analysis
  • Study on Market Feasibility
  • Technical Feasibility report
  • Production and Assembly line
  • MAN power requirement
  • Social impact
  • Strategic plant location
  • Land acquisition
  • Charging station Project cost and its feasibility
  • Central & State Policies
  • Country Analysis
  • Economy Assessment
  • Industry Analysis
  • Market Assessment
  • Electric vehicle Demand Analysis – Volume forecast
  • Product offering, Product Analysis, and Product Pricing
  • Product life cycle
  • Marketing Plan & Strategy | Budget
  • EV After Sales Support
  • Channel Sales
  • Dealer network Strategy

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