Advanced Driver Assistance System

Publish Date : September, 2017

It is expected that Advanced Driver Assistance System is going to be mandatory features in coming up years in phase wise manner. Like, EU and the USA are assigning that all vehicles be fitted with autonomous forward-collision warning systems, and ( EBS ) emergency-braking systems by 2020. Many emerging countries are also planning to introduce regulations mandating the use of at least certain ADAS technologies. This is one of the key drivers of growth of this technology. ADAS help with observing, braking, warning, and steering tasks—is projected to increase over the next decade since vehicle safety is one of the major issues for Industry and its stake holders. Bosch, Magna, Valeo, Continental, Delphi, and ZF-TRW as the key Auto suppliers in the global advance driver assistance system market. ADAS is mainly driven by government regulation pertaining to vehicle safety, minimize accidents, safety awareness of buyers, and ready to invest in safety features of the vehicles. Create awareness about ADAS is major challenges for OEMs and Suppliers.

The primary and Secondary data source used to understand the trends in the ADAS market. Model and Brand level model wise analyzed for more than 45 countries.

Our exclusive ACG Global Vehicle production data use for forecast market size in terms of volume in units and value ($ US). We consider the regional level pricing of each technology which comes under ADAS technology umbrella.

Report Highlights:

  • Automotive Segments – Passenger Vehicles and Commercial vehicles
  • Qualitative Analysis 
  • Trend & Forecast – Customer Opinion: Most Prefer Technology features by user point, Price bracket – Customer willing to pay
  • How to penetrate market with ADAS features
  • Application wise ADAS requirement
  • Market Forecast
  • Technology/Company wise Market share
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Benchmarking Analysis
  • Product launching Strategy & Assessment
  • Product Positioning
  • Product Testingn& End user Feedback
  • Market Understanding
  • Need and Gap Analysis

Latest Technology – Function wise

Technology: Adaptive cruise control, Lane departure warning, Road sign recognition, Drowsiness-monitoring system, Park assist, Brake assist, Blind spot detection, Adaptive front lights, Night vision system, Head-up display, Pedestrian detection system, Tire pressure-monitoring system

By Sensor Technology: Radar, Lidar, Camera, Infrared & Ultrasonic

Image source: Audi

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