Maruti Suzuki FY 2015-16 sales Report Maruti Suzuki product Strategy Analysis

Maruti Suzuki Sales Analysis FY 2015-16 overview

Maruti Suzuki Sales Analysis FY 2015-16 overview

Maruti Suzuki sales trend of fy March 2015-16.

Maruti Suzuki march 2016 sales

Segment wise Maruti Suzuki sales chart March 2016. 

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Mercedes benz sales global

Mercedes-Benz sales registered double digit growth of 13.3% in December 2014. Mercedes India sold 10,201 units compare to 9,003 units in 2013.

Mercedes car sales growthIn USA, it has given tremendous performance. It noted 5.7% growth by selling 330,391 units compare to 312,534 units in 2013. [Read more…]

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Honda car sales model wise

Honda Cars sold 14,428 vehicles in domestic market in December 2014 with a impressive growth of 163% compare to 5,493 units in the December 2013. The export units stood at 621 vehicles during December which is around 10250 jumped compare to last year of the same month 2014. Total sales stood at 15,048 units in December 2014 with striking growth of 174%. 

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Indian Two Wheeler Market Overview November 2014

Indian Two wheeler sales manufactures

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Indian Truck, Bus, car, Two wheeler

There are some positive trend has been noticed in past few months. Especially oil price has come down more than couple of time. Also some positive outlook of GDP growth which effect on almost every sectors. There are no major changes in Indian credit policy. Some price rise expected in coming months due to cost of sales has increased. To increase sale in December which is normally slow for Industry, started to give gifts and discount in different formats to attract customers.

The overall sales of automobiles in India stood at 1,603,292 units in November 2014 and has recorded a growth of 5% as against November 2013 where 1,526,438 vehicle were sold. Production has registered 12% growth and Export registered 32% impressive growth with 334,410 vehicle in November 2014.

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Ford Cars
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