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European CV sales analysis Feb 2015European Commercial Vehicle increased for second consecutive month in February after the drastic change at the end of the 2014, demand for new commercial vehicles in the EU is positive sign for market. New vehicles sales 8.3 Percent year over year, following 7.6 percent increase in January 2015, it was a consecutive monthly rise after decline record  -2.5 percent in December 2014.Significant growth by European CV contributing to last month’s positive outcome across the region.  

Top CV country of CV sales Feb 15

If we compare EU market February 2014- February 2015, then we can see the straight demand rise for commercial vehicles (8.2%). Total commercial vehicle grew by 8.2%, Growth was sustained across all segments of commercial vehicles. Looking at the largest markets, There is percentage change in various country, UK recorded the highest upturn (+18.3%) and Italy (+8.2%), while demand in Germany increased (+6.6%) after France (0.1%), Spain was the only major market recording a decline (-0.4%).

Heavy Duty Trucks:

Heavy duty truck analysis of European market

February result showed an increase in Heavy Truck, The positive outcome was mainly sustained by the significant growth recorded in the UK (1332 units), Spain (1202 units) and Poland (1428 units) , while heavy truck dropped in France (2,512 units) and Germany decreases (4,232 units). Noteworthy was the contribution of the European market (1,202 units) to last month positive outcome. 

European MCV and HC trucks

Light Commercial Vehicles offered various ranges in the market; MCV & HCV definitely show some new era in market, you can see what a fluctuation in the market, change in the percentage were 42.9%.

In February results for trucks were diverse, with France (-17.2%) and Germany (-15.3%) performing less well than in February 2014, while Poland (+10.4%), the UK (+30.5%) and Spain (+42.9%) recorded a significant increase. Overall, the EU recorded trucks increased in market, more than in February 2015 as compare to February 2014.  

European Bus analysis

Heavy & Medium duty buses market of Italy grew with 162 units in February 2015 as compare to February 2014,   Spain 166 units, Germany decreased 323 units (almost -6.0 %) this time, and France also goes down with 367 units, but UK grew with 378 units.

Medium & Heavy Duty Buses were diverse market and you can see the market fluctuation year over year, Saw their demand of consumers in European market, Italy increased with some margin, UK & Spain increased with highest margin.

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