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For the fiscal year 2013-14, the year to date sales of passenger vehicles in Indian market stays at 409,829 as against 448,165 units during the same period in 2012. This registered a 8.56% de-growth.

Maruti Suzuki leads the chart with 168,344 vehicles sold during the period April to May this year, but registered de-growth of 6.34% as against same period last year where they managed to sell 179,733 units. But they had improved theirmarket share to 41.1% as against April-May 2012. Hyundai the second largest Indian OEM remains at second place with 15.7% market share. Mahindra backed by dominance in SUV sector make their mark as third largest passenger vehicle OEM in Indian Market with 11.5% of market share, even though their year to date sales remains flat in comparison with the same period previous fiscal.

Toyota posted a steep decline by 36.31% in sales during the April-May period of 2013 as against April-May 2012. Tata Motors are also struggling in passenger vehicle segment as their sales are down at 35.02%. This also affected their market share as it came down to 8.4% from 11.9% in April-May 2012.

Fiat and Nissan are in danger zone as their sales got halved during the period. Renault with the quick impact of Duster are doing well in India and so far this financial year managed to sell 12,614 units and pose a market share of 3.1%.

Car Segment

The passenger segment saw a decline of 11.33% in year to date sales for fiscal year 2013-14 against same period the last fiscal. Tata Motors, Fiat, Nissan and Mahindra suffered huge decline in sales of around 50%. Toyota, Skoda and Ford also posted decline of more than 30%.

Maruti Suzuki is at the pole position in passenger car segment and they gained some share as against previous fiscal and stay with 48.59%. Hyundai follows them at second position with 21.91% market share.

SUV / MUV Segment:

The SUV/MUV segment posted a positive growth of 4.08% during April-May of 2013 as against April-May 2012.

Mahindra continues to perform well in this segment and registered a 4.55% growth during the April-May period of fiscal year 2013-14 as against the previous fiscal. Renault Duster is giving them a strong challenge along with Ecosport. Probably Mahindra will upgrade their current range or introduce new models to stabilize their dominance in this segment.

Mahindra remains on top with 49.53% market share. Renault pushed Toyota out for second place in this segment and now hold a 12.69% market share. Toyota stays at third and their market share came down to 11.92% from 20.08% as in comparison with the same period of last fiscal

Van Segment:

The Van segment declined by 10.88% during April-May of 2013 as against April-May 2012. One of the main reasons are segment shift to MUV.

Tata Motors posted a 10.88% growth during April-May of 2013 as against April-May 2012. Mahindra sales remain flat while Maruti suffer a decline and Force are yet to sell a unit in fiscal year 2013-14.

Both Tata and Mahindra had gained some market share in this segment. Maruti Suzuki remains market leader in this segment but their share had come down to 48.19% from 57.27.

Top Performers April-May 2013

Amaze is taking Indian market by storm and with 10888 units sold in last two months and they are undoubtable the best performer this term. Duster is doing well enough and can possess a good enough threat for those in its segment. 10,508 dusters are sold during the last two months and safely place them in second best performer.

Big LetDowns – Car Segment

Tata Motors Nano are in real trouble as their impact in the market down by 88%. Verito and Sunny also have their sales diminished to half , while sales of Ethios had also slowed down considerably.

Big LetDowns – SUV

Ford Endeavour is the biggest letdown in SUV segment. They registered a massive decline of 60.87% in sales for April-May 2013 as against April-May 2012. Captiva continues to roll on with no real effect making up in small numbers. Skoda’s trouble continues with Yeti as they suffer a 49% decrease in sales.

Big LetDowns – MUV

Toyota Innova’s sales is down at 44.27%, an unexpected price hike added to this miserable situation in a price conscious time in a difficult economy. Tata Sumo’s share is constantly take out by their competitors.

Source: ACG,SIAM

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  1. Mahindra backed by dominance in SUV sector make their mark as third largest passenger vehicle OEM in Indian Market with 11.5% of market share…….striving to get still better.

    Arif Rizwi
    Deputy General Manager – Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

  2. It is not only the Passenger Vehicle Segment but the entire Automobile Industry is passing through the testing time thanks to the Political Leadership which for sure is advancing only towards their self set Objectives and Goals totally ignoring and neglecting the National Interest. The Nation grows only when there is overall development in the Infrastructure but today every development has come to a halt as no one has the time, energy and will to focus on these core issues every one is busy in self Development.

    Durga Prasad
    Country Head – Commercial
    Rosmerta Technologies Limited

  3. This is also related to the GDP growth of the state and directly to nation’s?.Has the primary sector grown and remained efficiently and competitive in Export market?But the white goods have not fallen much as per previous year figures? old vehicles are to be banned? Special parking facilities at Railway station also at public bus stop o increased and status improved (so a person might use methodology- pool car sharing or may buy 2 set vehicles -keep one on each side of the destination station ?Also more roads? Then buying power of the rupee has not grown robustly (as expected or compared ).Then pressure on the OEMs to build new smaller & efficient & more differently styled vehicles?

  4. Very Nice report…. Please add me too in your mailing list of such reports

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