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A total of of 2,968,201 vehicles were sold in India during the first two months of the financial year 2013-14, thus registering a feeble decrease of 0.64% as against same period of 2012-13. The sales stood at 2,987,438 in April-May for 2012.

One of the key highlights of the year so far is the dip in sales of LCV Trucks by 2.38%  as against the previous year. Slight growths were registered in two and three wheelers while the other segments posted declines. In terms of production two wheeler production increases by 18.10%, while passenger vehicle segment decreases by 10.25%. The two wheeler export segment is forced down to 16.50% due to weak demands while commercial vehicle suffered further blow as their exports decreased by 19.47%

The recent fall of Rupee against Dollar, the increase in price for crude oil and fear of inflation will install bigger hurdles to the Indian automobile industry in the coming months.  

For the period April-May 2013, the two and three wheeler segments show slight growths while passenger vehicle segment decades by 8.56% in comparison with the same period last year. The turmoil of commercial vehicle segment continues as they slips at a negative 5.28 at the periodic year-to-year comparison.

Two Wheelers hold 79% of the total automobile sales during the period April-May 2013 and passenger vehicle takes up 15% of sales share for the same.

Production : April – May FY 2013-14

So far in this financial year, a total of 3,422,144 vehicles were produced which is 3.14% less than what was during the same period in 2012. The production of three wheelers had increased by 18.10% and commercial vehicles by 6.64%. Meanwhile there is a decline in the production of passenger vehicles during the April-May period of 2013 as against the same period 2012. Two wheeler production has also decreased by 2.97%.

Export : April – May FY 2013-14

There is an 8.62% decline in cumulative exports of vehicles from India in April to May 2013, as against the same period last year. Notable the three wheeler exports are on the up with a 26.53% increase during this financial year so far against the same period in 2012. Passer vehicle exports has also increased by 7.34% this financial year so far, as against April-May 2012. Commercial Vehicle exports had declined by 19.47% while two wheelers suffered a decline of 16.50% in April-May period for 2013, as against same period 2012.

Two Wheeler segment has lost 6% segment share due to weak demands in South East Asia, Latin America and Africa. Passenger vehicles has gained a few number from 16% during April-May 2012 to stay at 19% in the April-May period of current fiscal. Three wheeler segments good demand has gained them 13% segment share in the April-May period of current fiscal against 9% during the same period previous year.

Passenger Vehicle Segment : April – May FY 2013-14

The passenger vehicle segment had sold 409,823 units undergone 8.56% decline in cumulative sales during the April-May period of 2013 as against the same period of 2012 where 448,165 units were sold. Only the utility vehicle segment registered a growth of 4.08% where 82,893 units sold so far in financial year 2012-2013. Passenger Car segment declined by 11.33%, while van segment decades by 10.88%.

Commercial Vehicles :  April – May FY 2013-14

The cumulative sales of commercial vehicles so far this financial year stood at 113,936 units where the sales registered 5.28% decline as against April-May last year where 120,289 units were sold.


The total sales of trucks during April-May 2013 stood at 96626 units as against 103,431 units during the same period last year, thus registering a 6.58% decline. The highlight of this month is the decline of LCV sales which went down by 2.38% in April-May 2013 as against April-May 2012. M&HCV sales remains negative at 14.43%.

Commercial Passenger Vehicles

The Passenger Commercial Vehicle segment sold 17,310 units in April-May 2013 as against 16,858 units during April-May 2012, recording a moderate growth of 2.68%. The light commercial vehicle segment’s sales increased by 6.56% while the heavy segment registered a 1.41% decrease.

Two wheeler Segment :  April – May FY 2013-14

The two wheeler segment had grown slightly by 1.04% during April-May 2013 as against April-May 2012, thanks to good sales of Scooters where 13.88% growth is recorded year to date for financial year 2013-14 as against the same period last year. The sales of motorcycles has declined by 1.38% while mopeds had heavily declined by 11.45%.

Three Wheeler Segment : April – May FY 2013-14

The sales of three wheelers saw a feeble growth of 1.47% in April-May 2013 against April-May 2012. Both passenger carrier and goods carriers has registered similar growth of 1.48% and 1.44% respectively during the April-May 2013 as against April-May 2012.

The IIP stumbles to a discouraging 2% in April and the rate of Rupee against dollar became weak.  Somehow there is a relief as Fitch Ratings has revised India's Outlook to Stable from Negative and affirmed its Long-Term Foreign- and Local-Currency Issuer Default Ratings (IDRs) at 'BBB-'. And even better as the inflation has come down. A much more boost has be provided in the form of timely arrival of monsoon this term. This had already set off the tractor sales in a good mode. ACG forecast that encouraged by these positive factors, the GDP may reach between 5.5 – 6 percentages during the fiscal year 2013-14.

*Commercial Vehicle Sales Stats includes Kamaz, MAN, Scania and BharatBenz, Source :ACG Databank, SIAM

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